!! OMG, he’s naked: Chris Pontius !!

These photos aren’t new, but I know how you all like the boys of Jackass. Sometime around the end of 2004 these homemade porn photos surfaced, prompting an outcry that Chris Pontius should start his own show called “Jack-off.”

See the photos after the jump [NSFW], Happy Friday!

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And a shot from the rear:

He can even do dick-tricks:

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19 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Chris Pontius"

  1. Seeing the “Jackass” guys nude is nothing new, but I was shocked at the pic of him shooting off! THAT is not something you see a famous guy do often! SOOOOOOO fucking hot, wish I had been there. Other famous men need to follow his lead. Of course, judging by the way he’s been acting, it won’t be long before we see Bieber shoot his load (even if it’s leaked to the media).

  2. I just watched this clip online(censored of course) but missed any inclination as to where that second photo came from…so either they left that out of the clip(most likely) or it is a damn good shop job…you decide…still completely hot.

  3. dam chris, ive jacked off so many times while watching you on wild boyz and jackass. your body is just so hot, i love you in your thong. i taped the show when you auditioned for playgirl. when i played it in slow motion, i could see your cock when your stretching it behind the plant. dude your feet are also so sexy, id love to smell and lick on you starting with your feet and working my way up/and of course suck you off and eating your hot load, i bet you taste great.love you man

  4. I have never stopped dreamin bout this guy. I want to topchim so badly. There were pics from this shoot with his legs spread eagled wide!!! Wish I could see that backdoor. I luv u Chris!

  5. I want to fuck him SO BAD. he’s so fucking hot!

  6. shiet he is ho the best pic is the 2nd 1 were hes jacking that wonderfull dick off i want 2 blow him so bad i have a boner jus looking at these

  7. little penis but i would still fuck him i w

  8. These are form Jack-ass..you dumb asses! Some fans you are––don’t even know what these are! He did a skit years ago on the show called ‘Playgirl Pontius’ in which he did a nude photo shoot (see above pictures) so that he could submit the pictures to Playgirl. They were censored (OBVIOUSLY) for the show. These are just the uncensored versions.

  9. I love chris so much he’s like the hottest guy ever. Love the pigs especially the cummins one.

  10. this is from jackass the series when he auditioned to be in playgirl mag. i don’t know if anyone remembers that tho cause i remember the background and stuff and he had zits on his ass and they coverd them up

  11. WHOA! i mean, i LOVE chris with all my heart but THESE ARE NOT WHAT I THOUGHT THE WOULd BE LIKE! well, im the nasty one for looking up these pics in the fist place but wow. how come everyone I LIKe has to be naked on the internet?? like pete wentz…I LOVE HIM! peace out

  12. Is he cumming in the 2nd photo? Really hot!!!

  13. in the first pic chris’s penis liiks super weird!!!!!

  14. Very hot…please find the video!

  15. Strangerlove | March 5, 2007 at 2:30 pm | Reply

    I’ve only seen the second jackass and it really turned mm on seeing him year that mouse underwear for the snake to cruel him he i could i’d suck off aloop all the jack apr boys. Especially johnny jnoxville

  16. yum! gotta love the bad boys!

  17. I always loved seeing him in the devil costume! kinky!

  18. i must find this homemade video. where did these stills from it come from???? i LOVE the jackass bois. doesnt one of them self suck on a dvd extra feature video???

  19. OMG i’ve always been strangely turned on by Chris Pontius. i remember the playgirl photo shoot in jackass but his cock was pixilated on tv. these pics are so horny!

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