!! OMG, how puzzling: Jessica Simpson for Pizza Hut !!

“These bites are made for poppin’, and that’s just what they’ll do”?
I admit I was pretty surprised to see that Jessica Simpson is the new face of Pizza Hut, but after careful consideration I’ve decided it’s the perfect job for her and she should stick with it as long as she can, preferably until she is too old to wear red hotpants and come on to 12-year-olds. Oh who am I kidding? She will never be too old.
She also did a less audacious Pizza Hut commercial that to my knowledge aired only during the Super Bowl. Watch it after the jump.

(Thanks to Kevin for this one!)

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2 Comments on "OMG, how puzzling: Jessica Simpson for Pizza Hut"

  1. one of the many reasons I stopped eating there.. -shudder-

  2. Um, those commercials have been around for at least a couple years.

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