!! OMG He’s naked: Christopher Meloni !!

Oh Hai Guyz, it’s me, Graydon! I’m here till Friday while Frank is on a work trip.

So to start us off, here are some screen grabs of hot daddy Christopher Meloni from his stint on Oz a while back. Also, there’s a link to his guest appearance on the amazingly brilliant MTV series, Wonder Showzen.

Check it all out after the jump. NSFW.

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32 Comments on "OMG He’s naked: Christopher Meloni"

  1. Text me Christopher I’ll Show you Something ok ??

  2. Such a Beautiful Ass ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  3. Beautiful, Beautiful Ass Of ALL Times So BEAUTIFUL

  4. chris meloni is so hot i wish i could see him hard

  5. My all time favorite naked celebrity

  6. this is a hot babe

  7. Rod Jefferson | July 29, 2014 at 4:01 am | Reply

    Ooh wee man,honestly I’d love to smoke a cookie of hard yellow crack with Chris Meloni. I would worship that bubble butt,eat it and then stick my big cock up in that big round firm ass and pump pump pump good and steady!ooh~ahhhh

  8. I wish I could spend at least one night loving chris meloni on law and order he made my mouth water and bits of oz I wish he would kiss me

  9. I want to eat his cock up and take his cock deep in my ass and mouth

  10. There’s a former Coltstudio model who, to me, resembles Chris Meloni with a moustache — Steve Kelso. Go google him and see!!!

  11. I would eat Cristopher Meloni’s ass meat in a MAJOR WAY!!!!
    [email protected]

  12. Is he circumcised? Because in 6th nude photo, it looks like he has foreskin. I hope he’s not circumcised. It’d be such a shame to mutilate the cock of such a gorgeous and sexy man. If he’s circumcised, the doctor who did him and his parents should rot in prison because that is just crime against humanity right there. lol

  13. Chris and Burt Reynolds (young) are in my opinion the manliest sexiest men on tv/movies. I get turned on and wanna drop to my knees or bend over everytime I see them. Ohhhhhhhhh godddd 😉

  14. Chris Maloniis a unique and brave actor. Just the fact that he chose to appear bare ass naked on the HBO TV show ‘OZ’ shows his willingness to get totally in character of whatever part he is playing.
    I suggest to everyone purchased the OZ cable CD collection. On one of the episodes Chris wearing nothing but a pair of jockey shorts, slowly pushes those shorts to his knees, slowly bends over and using one hand on each butt cheek, spreads his masculine buttocks to show his contempt for another inmate. Once you get the CD episode you will love pausing the action and enlargingthe scene. Trust me you will love watching every crack and crevice of Chris’ innermost body part.

  15. i love christopher meloni!! muah!! im gonna suck his penis!! aww he’s cute and handsome!! i love you so much!!

  16. God, that’s hot, I love that show!

  17. Rita Morena is one lucky cunt. He makes me horny with/without clothes but hornier without.

  18. hes ao hunky!! the most manly man Ive seen. BIGDICK!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice low hangers! FINEfine ass! All that and so old! Total MAN!

  19. Damn when I use to see him naked in Oz omg so hot and his dick meat is so hot and thick what a head on it..If I sucked him I would have felt I had died and gone to heaven.

  20. He makes my mouth water!
    He has an amazing ass too.

  21. Yo Pumpkin Man, put up or shut up.
    If you’re gonna call that dick small, let’s see yours, FLACCID.
    [email protected]

  22. I do think he is VERY HOT!! But the peepee looks a little sad…
    Pumpkin Man

  23. I’m with most of you guys, he’s a hot man. I don’t care if the pics aren’t recent, I always enjoy seeing him naked.
    Pumpkin, considering the situation (on a set with a crew and all the other stuff going on around him) I think what’s there is decent. I’m sure it’s a beaut when hard.

  24. John from PA | April 8, 2008 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    Hey Joe,
    Move on then. Guys like Meloni are worth posting again and again!

  25. he’s the man reason i watched Oz. just to see his hot naked body and hot cock was worth watching the show.

  26. Don’t care how old the pics are, love him, love his dick

  27. I wonder who did his circumcision. They did a FABULOUS job.

  28. How disappointing! 🙁
    Some (small) things are better left to the imagination…
    Pumpkin Man

  29. I dont care if it was ten years or ten minutes ago…its worth seeing again.

  30. I love you guys. You are such homos. You didn’t only post pics of hunky daddy Meloni but you did a CLOSE UP of his dick in ‘Carrie’ like fashion…
    God bless you.

  31. My dream man. Da-yum.

  32. hello!! this was 10 friggin years ago.. get with the times! (not really 10 yrs but it seems like it) im sure there are more up to date things to post about…

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