!! OMG, how cute: Incest baby !!

Father and daughter couple John and Jenny Deaves are living happily with their nine-month-old baby Celeste in South Australia. Jenny says she sees John as a “man first, her father second” and when she decided to do it with him, it was after looking at him “like you would look at a man across the bar.”
Maybe I’m just being a priss, but Mr. Deaves seems to me like someone I would look away from at the bar. Regardless, little Celeste is one cute baby!
According to the authorities the couple is “being monitored.” (via Feyfriends)

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14 Comments on "OMG, how cute: Incest baby"

  1. Do you think he asks, “Who’s your daddy?” when he’s pumping her? Ewww.

  2. Apparently the couple had some contact over the past 30 years according to his ex wife (his 2nd wife).
    Now I don’t mean to sound judgemental but he is a pretty ugly fella…. You think they would have stopped after their first child died after childbirth.
    Now for todays lesson, if your gonna bang your dad use a rubber.

  3. the main issue with incest is in child bearing, in that genetically similar people may not be as able to prevent recessive genes that could lead to physical health problems from developing in a child.
    socially, there’s really no stopping any person or group of people from good parenting/ role-modelling, irrespective of age, gender, etc. the real question is how you define “good”.
    @ roofus76
    i didn’t take that as a “homo bash”, but i also don’t think that your being gay precludes ever gay bashing. what would you call it if/when you act like a homophobic abuser? “just bashing”?

  4. it amazes me how hypocritical all you gay boys can be, to 90% of the planet sticking your dick in another mans arse is considered wrong and immoral but as soon as someone else does something that is not the norm you are all the first to jump down on them, step back and look at you own habits and how others might view them, if you want tolerance and acceptance then try giving a little and see what you get in return,
    ps i am also a gay male so this isn’t a homo bash either

  5. Hey, she was well into adulthood when they reunited, and they aren’t hurting anybody.
    It’s not like they’re going to start a trend.

  6. I am not in favor of incest, but if he was my dad I would totally do him too! hotness knows no laws!

  7. Thats just Sick !!! do they have redneck’s there too!

  8. OMG…that is so disgusting…I’m SO sorry but…OMG…ew

  9. I do so hope that this lovely couple go on to have a son or their precious daughter may not have a date for her 3rd grade prom.

  10. Sadly it occured after the father and daughter met after years of seperation. THe “being monitored” relates to them basically being allowed to live together but not have sex. Some say Mount Gambier (where they live) is a boring place – I guess it must be. It was a typical 60 minutes story. But you have to wonder who turns up for parent-teacher night “Hi Miss Smith this is my mum & dad, who are also my grandfather and sister!”

  11. The baby cld be cute and innocent and I pity her future, but we shd be condoning and approving this act… Gosh, How low cld they go !…

  12. As soon as I saw it on Today Tonight last night, I thought, yep that’ll go all over the world. It won’t mean much to you but they are from Adelaide. Evidently not only is incest tolerated but the inter-breeding of uglies. I think uglies should be our next stolen generation. Wikipedia “stolen generation” to see what I’m driving at.

  13. Firstly I will say that this is NOT a normal occurance in Autstralia. In fact it’s the first I’ve ever heard! Second, I am very shocked they havent been arrested yet or something… Good lord.

  14. being monitored?? what more proof do they need?
    I agree…Dad is fugly! (Course, the daughter’s dance card probably isnt exactly full either)

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