!! OMG, he’s naked: Fernando Fernandes !!

Fernando Fernandes was a contestant on Big Brother: Brazil, and somehow superstar photographer Mario Testino realized he might look good nude in the pages of Vogue Germany. The NSFW results are in the current issue, and also after the jump!

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34 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Fernando Fernandes"

  1. Foreskin makes sex better. Take it from someone who had both. The bad thing about circumcision is the guy who gets circumcised has no choice in the matter. What if he wanted to keep his foreskin? Fake tan colors wash off. Bad haircuts grow out. This guy chose to have his tattoos. Circumcised guys have no say what happens to their own body.


  3. mmmmmm
    id let him cummmm alll over me

  4. Well I know if I had him at my place scissors would be the last thing on my mind! He doesn’t need them , he is perfect just the way god made him.
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. My point exactly Tom.

  6. Oh, get over yourself.

  7. id suck it

  8. Tom.”One of you “We where born that way” people”? Wauw, you certainly live by your own teachings… I was only stating MY opinion. So so sorry it differs from yours. I will rethink, and fast! Don’t want to be the reason, that “the world” will never open up to “our culture”. Or maybe even in the end, the breakdown of the same! Maybe it’s because I live in a country, where we CAN marry. Where gay people appear everywhere, on equal terms with everyone else. Where we can walk hand in hand, or even kiss, without the raise of an eyebrow. Where we can state our opinions, without some “Guardian of the “Gay culture””, will fly in to tell us not to “argue” within our own “culture”, so the “outside” world won’t hear, that we are not all alike… Oh boy, did you put me in my place! Maybe you should consider writing a small! book, so they rest of us won’t stray too far, from “The right way”…?

  9. TheNiebur –
    I knew I’d get a response from one of you “we were born that way” people. I clearly don’t want to circumsize this guy, by my point in making an outlandish statement like my “scissors” comment was simply to counter those people who are always like “ew, cut? Where’s the foreskin?!”
    Let’s just all face the fact that some of us like cut, and some of us like uncut. There’s nothing wrong with any of us having a preference either way. Some of us also prefer smooth, hairless guys – not all of us are like “why does he have to ruin it by shaving?!”
    If you’re gonna go the “we were born that way – why do you think you can do better” route, though, I’d ask why tattoos are still so popular….or haircuts….or hair color….etc.
    Just live and let live. How can we expect the world to continue to open up to gays, gay culture, gay marriage, if we can’t even avoid arguing between ourselves over our preferences within our culture?

  10. No scissors! We where born that way. Do you think God or who/whatever made a mistake, with this creation? But like with so many other things in nature, some think they know better. And just look where that road leads to…

  11. Shaun Michaels | May 27, 2008 at 3:31 am | Reply

    I echo Toms sentiment:scissors please! Whats with all the hideous tattoos & the fake tan color? Never heard of him anyway & it def doesnt make me wanna go 2 Brazil.But he does have a nice bod n nice hair. Must be tortoise season…OMG,scissors 4 the cock,not the hair,in case anybody was confused(like me initially!)

  12. Simply stunning, his body that is. A pity they went so artsy with the nude photos, skewing the color/contrast and all. He looks sexier in the towel photo just because its more real looking.

  13. Anyone have some scissors?

  14. Love the uncomfortably porny, Jim. Chill out and get out of the house once in a while.

  15. Omfg. OK. Im moving to brazil

  16. me love my redhooded sweatshirt!

  17. ilikehotguys...whatcanisay? | May 21, 2008 at 1:15 pm | Reply

    Fuck me in the ass (please…?) he’s hot… DAYUM

  18. mmm. Uncut. Loves it! !

  19. Seriously? Vouge? Wow. Oh and NSFW means not safe for work.

  20. Motivation to either move to Brazil or import Brazilian men.

  21. NSFW means not suitable for work

  22. Do you have his number, Felipe? 😛

  23. nice and uncut

  24. wow what a hunk. love to see and feel his cock and ass in person. love the tattoos. brazilian guys are soooooo hot.

  25. YUMMY!!!

  26. he’s pretty hot.

  27. Well, would you look at that…

  28. OMG!!!

  29. woooo weee. i’d tap that. and id do many other things. thanks so much frank

  30. Why does north american Vogue suck?

  31. yum!
    why dont we have nudity in US Vogue??

  32. What does NSFW mean?

  33. DAMN!

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