!! OMG, He’s Naked: Grant Cramer !!

Oh, youth. Remember before the internet? I use to spend so many hours watching Channel 95– otherwise known as the Scrambled Spice channel– trying to somehow decipher a boob or a butt. (Does anyone even remember what I’m talking about?) Even though I knew they were never going to show a D– because the Spice channel was really just about ladies bouncing their boobs and spazzing out– I still always held out hope that maybe, just maybe, today was going to be the day it happened.
The other thing I did was rent VHS movies from something called the Wild Comedy section of the video store and then try to pause them at the exact right moment where I would get to see some guy’s junk. Junk was always pretty rare, which is obviously why Island of the Blue Lagoon was such a revelation. But one of my favorite more obscure junk-related movies was 1984’s Hardbodies with blondie dreamboat Grant Cramer. I’ve seen it a thousand times but I don’t think my pause-finger was ever quite fast enough to get a view of his dick (and fantastic ass) that’s as clear as the ones after the jump.
(Via DreamCaps, NSFW, duh.)


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12 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: Grant Cramer"

  1. I remember watching this video over and over and over and falling in love with the handsome Grant Cramer. He was so gorgeous in this movie, Hardbodies. I would pause that scene over and over as well. Thankfully, there were so many shirtless half naked scenes with him too. He’s absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful face!

  2. Yes, the scrambled porn! One night I tuned in and indeed saw dick through the fuzz, a lot of it actually, and couldn’t believe my eyes. Then the credits rolled and it said Sylvester Stallone. They were broadcasting the Italian Stallion on the Playboy channel, I believe. There was something so clandestine about how hard it used to be to see that kind of stuff in the day.

  3. Ha! I remember watching the scrambled porn channels hoping for a glimpse of something. Hahaha, that brought back memories! Ah, youth…

  4. yes! i remember doing the exact same thing. My sister caught me one time after everyone was supposed to be in bed, I was watching the scrambled channel!

  5. Yeah, I’m with Todd – that’s an outstanding bush! This guy looks great!

  6. That guy is hot, and what a bush!

  7. hey guys, thanks for the nice words. i just want to clarify that i’m not trying to tone down the sexy aspects of the site at all, and i don’t want anyone to get the impression that that’s my intention. i’ll be doing OMG, He’s Naked! posts when I find something that’s actually hot/interesting/both, which should be at least a couple of times a week, and more if it’s a nude kind of week.
    I don’t think OMG, He’s Naked has ever been a daily feature on the site, so basically what I’m saying is that everything should stay basically the same!

  8. I’m with the folks who appreciate some wit. If you just want to see peen there’s a whole net to search. There are days I’ve had my fill of dicks by noon thanks to the net. Some of the daily nude posts lately had been pics that were literally taken before I was born, and while that’s fine if it was something special, there had clearly been too much reaching to maintain a nude post a day.
    People asking to see Bmad’s cock his first day was revealing too. Though here I suppose that’s better than no one being interested in wanting to see it. For me, if that pic was indeed him, his eyes were more revealing than any skin.

  9. Oh the joys of pausing VHS in the vain hope of seeing some guys dick. I always wanted a VCR with 4-heads because I was told that when you paused a tape on a 4-head VCR you would get a perfectly still image… this being completely unlike my crappy-ass 2-head player, whose paused image jumped all over the place with erroneous white lines spewed out all over it.
    Kids have it way too easy today!

  10. I like the new guy!
    His posts are funnier and make the site less about sex and more about culture… if funny adorable cats count as culture. But I like him. Keep up naked guys fo sho, but keep the witticisms and the quality of writing too!
    A brighter site would be nice… a bit more pink and white maybe?
    Yay for Bmad! Although I want to know his real name.

  11. I think Bmad, the new guy, is doing just great. His writing is far wittier than the old guy and he posts more regularly (thank GOD)! Bmad: I’d love to see you naked. You got a muthafuckin shine on you from the Gods! Whoo! But, seriously: I think the layout of the site is too dark. PLEASE lighten things up! It’s not Halloween yet.

  12. Crayola Crayon | September 7, 2009 at 3:11 pm | Reply

    First! YESSSSA!!!
    Ok, now on to why I wanted to post.
    FINALLY! FINALLY! a Naked Guy! You new guy have to get more of these posts… WHere’s the old guy, I mean honestly how hard is it to blog on Christopher street?

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