!! OMG, he’s naked: Jesus !!

No, not that Jesus you sacrilegious heathens! Jesus Vazquez is a Spanish singer was snapped in the buff on what appears to be a nude beach. See the NSFW photos after the jump. And Good Friday to you.

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45 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Jesus"

  1. Americans .Get over it !! I know you are raised to think the circumcised penis is great and magnificent . No where in the rest of the world are men asked are you circumcised or not? It is a given that most men in the world are natural : uncircumcised .and most of the human males world wide who are circumcised,are circumcised due to religious reasons. If Islam did not circumcise there males,the circumcision rates would go down 70% Who came up with such a barbaric thing,as cutting off your foreskin ? Kinda of weird to me,and doing it on unconcenting infants cruel. If you can wash your hands,you can wash a foreskin.Come on who lazy can you be ,to need to have your foreskin cut off ,”to keep clean ?? “

  2. Beautiful uncut cock

  3. Jesus Christ, ENOUGH with the cut vs. uncut argument. NOBODY FUCKING CARES. If you like cut dicks, have all you want. If you like foreskins, knock yourself out. FUCK.

  4. Everyone’s talking about his size being “small.” I’m not saying this to brag, but from the photos and knowing how tall he is, when I’m “unwrinkled” but not erect me and Jesus are the same size and when I’m hard I’m a little over 8. And NO not internet 8. lol.
    ….If 8 is small for you you got issues. I’m not a monster by any means, but hardly small, either.

  5. sweet jesus!

  6. he shows his uncut cock, but shows also he cannot get it up! Cuz he is gay and likes penetration. Well known fact!

  7. this guy’s normal uncut cock is exactly what Americans dont want to see.They want cut peens, because of US prejudices on circumcision!

  8. beautiful, perfect uncircumcised cock! I wish American would learn from that and stop circumcizing their new-born males!

  9. He’s not a singer!!!! he is a presenter/host!!!

  10. Ricky Morgan | July 6, 2009 at 5:02 pm | Reply

    Really the only thing wrong with these pics is the cigarette.

  11. it’s also interesting to note that he looks HOT for being 44. he is also married to his partner Roberto Cortes, his is one of Spains most popular entertainers who also happens to be gay. he’s like Ellen if Ellen sang…in spanish

  12. it’s totally great, perfect. too big is too painful and no fun. My old roommates were fixated on porn stars and anything under 8 inches just wasn’t good enough, which is sad. circumcized/uncircumcized, it’s all good.

  13. Well, good looking bloke, nice size! I dunno what people are talking about him being small and all? He’s above average! But a snip would be perfect on him! Sorry!

  14. what a beautiful man.

  15. I don’t care what anyone says…this guy is perfect from top to bottom. Gorgeous face, great smile, hot body and a nice uncut dick. Just perfect.

  16. In addition to being very ignorant about uncircumcised cocks (I keep mine clean too), some people here have been watching too much porn and have a distorted notion of what a small cock is. Vazquez is not small, though obviously he is not enough to please some.
    Personally, I think he’s mighty fine, and I would love to see what he looks like now, clothed or not.
    I wonder how many of those who make nasty comments about other people’s nude bodies would ever have a nude photo of themselves posted on the Internet, clearly identified by name or blog handle.

  17. Beautiful!!!
    I often wish I was uncut. From what I hear it keeps your penis more sensitive because it protects it from rubbing against you clothes.

  18. people need to get over this whole penis thing, you dont fall in love with someone cause of thier penis, what if say you met the lover of your life, what your not gunna like him anymore cause of his penis, get over yourself people, there are more important things in life then what a guys dick looks like, besides its about how it feels not how it looks.

  19. Jeff Reichenbacher | April 12, 2009 at 2:26 am | Reply

    Jesus is the most popular presenter/host on Spanish TV. After he was involved in a police anti-gay club sting, he then appeared in a regional tv show, “Gente con Chispa,”because he was blackballed on national tv, publicly and proudly outed himself in “Zero” magazine, became a leading advocate for gay rights and gay marriage, starred in a tv show playing a straight role, and has been the #1 or #3 host for the past ten years. The pics are from “Interviu” in the late 90’s and he posed for them. Read the “Zero” profile. He married his lover and is thinking of having kids. How sad that he’s been out for almost a decade, along with a number of other male tv hosts,and with the exception of Ellen, Rachel and Rosie, we have no out national male tv personalities (not actors). Get with the program Andy, Sam, etc.

  20. All men are born with a foreskin, thus uncircumcised, I repeat all men are born uncircumcised! That means there is a natural reason for it as there is one for our ears, eyelashes, nails, skin, toes, fingers etc!
    In the English speaking world circumcision started taking place in the 1900, but it declined almost everywhere(except the US of course) after the 50’s. In the UK in the 1950’s, Australia 1970’s, Canada 1980’s. Now almost 70% of circumcised men are Muslims(due to religious reasons). In some countries is even illegal to circumcise an infant without a serious medical or religious reason as it is consider a violation of human rights.
    For those who say circumcision is better for hygiene reasons… circumcision was adopted as a hygiene measure in some nations when regular bathing was impractical, I dont think any of us has that problem today do we? If a guy cares about hygiene he can clean his penis whether with foreskin or without.

  21. Brandon Boykin | April 11, 2009 at 6:24 pm | Reply

    Yancock and Pidgo are fucking idiots. If you don’t like it, then don’t fucking look at it.

  22. I got a boner! He is so hot its just rite. Yum!

  23. Yankcock69 and Pidgo you are both so ignorant about uncut cocks. Being uncut doesn’t make you unclean or smelly or dirty. Any dick will smell, cut or not, if it’s not cleaned properly in the shower. I’m uncut and clean very well and my dick never smells…. it’s one thing to not like the way an uncut cock looks, but don’t even go accusing us of being unclean or dirty…… for all I know you could only shower once a week and even if you were cut you’re cock would be fuckin nasty. Circumcision does not mean cleanliness…….. this guy is so hot!!!

  24. SO tired of all these posts being hijacked by the circumcision crowd.
    Maybe the people behind site should put a little U or C subscript on the headline so you can just choose to skip it, like the non-frontal nudity headers.
    Also, tired of the “ZOMG his dik is SO small!!” posts.
    I mean, yeah, there’s not much else to say but whether it appeals to you, but then we end up on this whole debate about growers/showers, size queens, fanatics on both sides of the circumcision debate.
    I just come here to be amused, and once in a while, to enjoy the sight of a decent looking guy undressed. But there’s always this drama.
    Do we really even want to see naked pics anymore? We complain when it’s butt only, we complain when they guy isn’t perfect enough, we complain when they guy isn’t cut, we complain when the guy isn’t hung like a porn star.
    (which few men are, you know. There’s a bell curve on pretty much everything human, from intelligence to height. Extremes will always be rare.)
    This isn’t going to change anything, of course, but I felt compelled to point out how stupid this all is. I think the majority of us are a sorry bunch of bitter queens who live to tear people down. The fact is, all of the people posted here have something on the majority of us, and that is that they are famous for something, and we are so jealous that nothing is ever good enough, without us finding something to bitch about.

  25. he’s a grower not a shower

  26. Even with schrinkage he has something to work with! Love the uncut piece!
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  27. davescumhole | April 11, 2009 at 7:07 am | Reply

    I agree with Cedrick…nice looking man but to me not much of a piece of man meat… take the pill, so that it can arise to the occasion.

  28. God,thats one of THE ugliest cocks Ive ever seen! It looks like some kind of slug monster. If ya cant clean it & pull it back,cut it off! Imagine the smell & the taste? Yuck!!! And hes a smoker…what a complete fool!Im so glad Im not like that.

  29. Hmmmm…he’s kinda good looking, bt that dick needs to be cut! I mean, c’mon! That skin is just not letting us see the real cock! Fuck that! It’s called circumcision spaniards! Gross! But hey, european after all! Not that hygenicafter all! GROSS!

  30. These pics were published some 10 years ago in ‘Interviú’, a Spanish magazine. He is a TV showman, not a singer and, by the time these photos were taken, he was in the closet. He is out now and happily married to his husband. I would say that nowadays he is even much hotter than then…

  31. Hot as hell, but I’d give my right nut to see some nekkid shots of this DILF today.

  32. These pics are pretty old. I saw the first one last year and whoever posted it said it was Tom Cruise! Andy spotted the resemblance but I don’t see it. Looks more like a young Jason Priestly to me.

  33. Mmmm, uncut penis . . . He’s fucking hot!

  34. Okay. First I want to run my fingers through that bush. Then I’ll slide that skin forward and back. Then…

  35. Umm…what’s unacceptable, Cedric Davis, is your insufferable spelling of words with z’s. What are ya? 13?

  36. Tanto echo de menos a Jesus en !Alla tu!

  37. he kinda looks like tom cruise in the first picture

  38. These photos are more than ten years old. I saw them in the late ’90s. I think he hosted a childrens’ TV show in Spain and is not a singer, but I’m not certain.

  39. I demand a new religion for this Jesus.

  40. cedric davis | April 10, 2009 at 4:17 pm | Reply

    that dude iz naked so what, but damn he should’ve took some kind of pill to make hiz dick bigger, becuz that iz unacceptable.

  41. Now, this is a JESUS that I would love to worship!
    And now a little Madonna for the Easter Weekend:
    “When you call my name it’s like a little prayer
    I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there
    In the midnight hour I can feel your power
    Just like a prayer you know I’ll take you there….”

  42. Whoa. All that’s missing is a shot of his scrumptious hole! Slurp!

  43. Jesus vazquez is not a singer. but a host on tv, hes gay and married and these photos are really old!

  44. My cock twitched as I am left gaping at this perfect stud.. God is super nice to these Latinos, isnt (s)he?

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