!! OMG, what a dick: Billy Bob Thornton !!

Gian Ghomeshi recently had a hell of a time interviewing Billy Bob Thornton and his band on his Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio program, Q. None of the band members seemed particularly enthused about being on the air, but Billy was worse than Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman. At least on Letterman they could break the tension with a joke. Poor Gian was left to struggle in a room filled with claustrophobic tension. Watch the video of the interview above.

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7 Comments on "OMG, what a dick: Billy Bob Thornton"

  1. C’mon, BillyBob was evasive from the start and Ghomeshi should have picked up on that if he was a decent interviewer and was instructed to stay off the hollywood stuff. It is obvious that BillyBob is the ego in the band and who would not want a hollywood star in the band if he can play and generate more interest, but the interviewer should have focused on the band and not the star. Ghomeshi needs to go back to baba wawa school, because he is a dumbfuck.

  2. I mean, the interviewer was reading from paper…The intro could have been from a press release or written by someone else. It was cheesy, but he obviously didn’t know it well enough, so you can’t blame him.
    Billy has to be on something.


  4. Strange your points of view…hehe…I totally understand Billy Bob here…the intro made by Ghomeshi was pure garbage and that is what infuriated Billy Bob…So his attitude comes from the fact that the announcer was trying to be above who Billy Bob is and overpass the agreement they already have…Since Billy Bob is super sensitive (as an artist) it is quite normal he took it pretty bad…you can see the other guys of the band knowing that he reacts that bad and hoping he just dont jump on the interviewer…haha 😉

  5. wow… all i can say is i’m glad the interviewer called him out & made a point that the band wouldn’t be getting this kind attention if it hadn’t been for his celebrity. i like that he only wants to talk about the music but doesn’t play. ha!

  6. MerlyHaggard | April 10, 2009 at 2:06 pm | Reply

    What an a#*! I think maybe he was ticked off when the interviewer said that releasing 3 albums in a year was ambitious, but still!

  7. There goes either an immature old fool odr someone who truly needs to get laid.

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