!! OMG he’s naked: Jonathan Rhys Meyers !!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who has two upcoming films this year, shows his stuff in the films “The Governess” and “Tangled”. I haven’t seen either of these films, but Frank tells me JRM gets his rosebud lapped by Minnie Driver in “The Governess”.
See some NSFW screen-grabs after the jump.


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32 Comments on "OMG he’s naked: Jonathan Rhys Meyers"

  1. Intact penis as in all Europe, Asia,Latin America; Rhys-Meyers penis is awesome!

    • Asia is not just China, Japan, Vietnam, India etc. It consists of Arabic countries as well where Islam is the main religion and therefore circumcision is widely practiced there.

  2. @Dirk
    Good satire of American circumcision culture. Almost had me going for a second.

  3. I love this man. He is so dreamy. His penis is gorgeous! …along w/ the rest of him. Oh Mr. Myers I want to give you a lap dance.

  4. His growing uncut penis drives me crazy! Would like to be in bed with him!

  5. Uncut cocks are disgusting 90% of the time. When they’re hard it’s fine but when the skin is past the head it looks like a sea urchin. It’s not pretty at all. Not to mention uncut cocks stink like rotten garbage. So gross. Now cut cocks are pretty, nice to look at all the time, & looks like a penis should. Oh & they don’t have rotten dick stink either.

    • You think like that because you were born in an area where cut cocks are the norm but most of the male population are intact. Clean intact penis doesn’t have an unpleasant smell. The foreskin has tens of thousands of nerve endings and by cutting it off the man will have reduced sexual pleasure and he also loses a bit length of his penis. Intact is the way the nature intended it. Vaginas have their natural scent too. Most of the cut men need lube for masturbation. That’s not how it should be. Also the glans of the penis is supposed to be moist and smooth but with cut men it’s usually dry and coarse. This website explains the natural functions of the foreskin during sex:

      By the way cut penises can stink of urine and sweat too if not washed regularly.

  6. His penis is beautiful and uncircumcised. I enjoy both circumcised and uncircumcised penises because I’m gay, and I like all kinds of penis. It’s a shame to see people hating on a person who is circumcised. A man can’t really control what happened to him when he was a child, and people shouldn’t really be so nasty and judgmental. Love a penis because it’s a penis in all of it’s shapes and sizes and forms.

  7. This is beautiful big, well-formed uncircumcised penis,similr to Irish,British and Contiental European men, totally unlike cut US males.I prefer the former, by far!!! OMG! He is intact!

  8. he has a beautiful body and a beautiful penis! His body is strong and well proportioned, his penis is intact,so he has more than 4000 extra sex sensitive nerve endings in foreskin and frenulum
    So he has more pleasure in bed witha girl than US cut guys who are majority an that country!

  9. In the first pic you see the uncut penis totally enclosed by the foreskin. In the third pic, he begins to have an erection, and if you look closer you will see the foreskin beginning to open: it is its natural function!

  10. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is gorgeous when naked. Those pics of his cock: wonderful, very attractive uncircumcised cock. You dont need to see the head, foreskin covers the glans and THAT is VERY SEXY, more so in semi-erection as appears in Jonathan’s last pic. When the penis starts to get erect, foreskin will begin retracting, and you will see the purplish glans appearing.For having sex he can totally or partially retract his foreskin. Foreskin’s and frenulum’s 4000 sex-nerve endings will give him and partner extra pleasure! I know it from my own experience. I have had sex with both cut and uncut men and although many cut guys perform wonderfully, uncut guys perform in ways that make me have endless orgasms.

  11. For all who say a whole penis looks like a worm and has too much extra skin..
    The extra skin is what is pulled back when a whole man gets an erection, allowing his penis to grow..once erect a whole penis has just the same head as a cut penis…but his ‘head’ is moist, sensitive, produces its own lubrication and has all the 20.000 nervendings which are un-normally cut.
    A cut penis is missing all the extra skin,therefor the erection is shorter than normal, it may hurt because it pulls on the scar tissue and this is also what leads to the hairy penis syndrom and the hidden penis syndrom.
    For a hairy penis syndrom the skin from the sack is pulled up on the shaft when it grows during puberty
    Hidden penis syndrom is when not extra skin is pulled on the penis and instead the growing shaft ‘runs against a wall’ of unflexible skin, beeing shoved back in the body because in this area of the body is no wall of muscles, this is how tucking also works when the ballsack is shoved in this free space.
    Oh..just for all the people who say there is too much skin..did you also circumcise your ballsack because there is much more wrinkly, hairy, loose skin than the penis has normally

  12. Gosh. He’s so beautiful. And I’m so happy to see he’s a beautiful INTACT man! If he were circumcised, life would just not be fair. Jonathan is proof that circumcision just destroys a perfectly good cock. I’m so happy that circumcision is losing popularity in the States now. Hopefully in the next decade, us American women will be lucky enough to be overflowing in men who don’t have scarred up dried out cocks.

  13. his penis does not lool like a wormat all.That idea comes frm a US citizen, whrea all males are cirumcised at birth.Men are intact “worm penises” in Europe and all Latin America. Exceptions Israel and Muslim countries for religious reasons, and the US for mo valid reason at all…

  14. most british/irish/scottish men aren’t circumsized. that’s actually a very american and/or jewish thing.

  15. Shaun Michaels, He’s Irish not British, and stop leaving those same comments on every naked photo lol

  16. Shaun Michaels | March 10, 2009 at 5:39 am | Reply

    As per the norm,brit dick looks like a worm. No head,2 much 4skin,yuck x 1000! I dont care how good u may look,if the cocks ugly like that,u can keep it…away from me!Snip it!!!

  17. Hello, thanxs 4 publish these photos. Can u send me to my email?
    [email protected]
    Please in the subject put JONATHAN Rhys Meyer 😉

  18. OMG! (mouth open, tongue hanging out, panting wildly) This is one of the sexiest men alive..forget Matt Damon, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has got it ALL.

  19. Simply Hot!

  20. olle pedaso ………. olle jonathan tas my bueneo tio tapate un poco no ballas enseñando eso x ai

  21. I remember the governess was free at the library when I was in junior high. Ahem.

  22. OMG!!! thank you, He is so HOT!! and thanks for frontal shot…now i could go to sleep well! HAHA

  23. I still can’t believe noone’s mentioned his incestuously homoerotic (well, just over-sexual anyway) portrayal of Chiron in Taymor’s Titus!
    Hello… humping his brother in tight leather pants!?

  24. To me he looks well hung and that is fantastic, yum yum

  25. for those of you who have a fetish (or who are a little disturbed), they show him being raped by an older man in the movie I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, starring Clive Owen. i thought for sure i would see something about that movie mentioned here.

  26. Um, me thinks he needs a trim.

  27. Wow !!!!
    He could drive in not so mini weiner in me any day.

  28. OMG, you just made me the happiest boy in the whole entire universe! yummy~

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