!! OMG, he’s naked: Joseph Sayers !!

I think model Joseph Sayers qualifies as a “celebrity” only because of his large Internet following, but that’s reason enough to post some incredibly hot nude photos of him, some of which are from homo photographer Joe Oppesidano’s book Testosterone. You might also recognize him from the Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue shot by Bruce Weber.
See the NSFW photos after the jump.

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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Joseph Sayers"

  1. Does anyone know if the last three photographs are part of a collection? I have Oppedisano’s book Testosterone but they’re not in there.

  2. I worked with him at a nightclub for about a year and these are definitely real pictures. He’s an amazingly sweet guy and super down to earth. But, yes, he is gorgeous and these pics are very real.

  3. my cock looks something like that its just a lil bigger and when its hard wo its like nothin you have ever seen

  4. It’s not fake. I got the book. It’s Joseph.

  5. he is so dam hot would love to suck his nice nipples and dick

  6. i love his hanging cock there not fake iwanna suck it until it hurts and then ill rub it and lick all the cum out

  7. I really like your site

  8. He is so hot, if someone wanna trade pics of hunky guys write me: [email protected]

  9. these are fake he doesnt take nude

  10. da best thing in these nude ohotos is the nice curly wetty hair over his thick dick.i feel like licking it……

  11. OMG what a big boy!! and hes gorgeous! U def. made up for ur lack of OMGs recently. Gotta love that blog

  12. He is the hottest model of my favorite. Damn he is so hot.

  13. How much do I love Joseph? I hadn’t seen that one on the roof! Thanks!

  14. Shaun Michaels | February 8, 2007 at 8:49 am | Reply

    OMG what a hottie!!! Id so love 2 suck his cock! Yummy!!! Lol!

  15. What an incredible body! He is really 100% man! yum!!

  16. Boy, his left nut sure is a “hanger” ! Yum… what a fun-bag.

  17. Interesting … this almost makes up for the minimal OMGing over the last few days.
    The disruption to my life has been insurmountable.

  18. OMG I want to follow him up that ladder…Face first…*EG*

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