!! OMG, how colorful: World Aerobics !!

You might not have known that “aerobics” is a competitive sport, or what exactly happens at the “World Aerobics Championships,” but you will know exactly what it means after watching this somewhat long video: really cheerful men jumping around in spandex to Madonna. Did I mention they are gay? Yes, very gay.
But don’t think that nothing good comes from this sport, as it has created one of the most ripped male bodies I have ever seen: that of World Aerobics Champion Nick Beyeler. See his naked photos here [NSFW].
(Thanks to Kristen for the tip!)

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7 Comments on "OMG, how colorful: World Aerobics"

  1. wow that was so long ago! aerobics has changed a whole lot from then, i compete in the sport and it is the best sport eva! of course ur gunna get gay ppl but in what sport dont you?

  2. Oh my God,stumbled on this webpage by accident..I’m the guy in the red leotard at the beginning of this film and like me..most of the guys you see are straight!!..honest!!

  3. “The Gayest sport in the world but still sexy”.
    I have a problem with the word “but” there. It implies that gay is NOT usually sexy.
    And that’s wrong.
    I also hate it when gay is automatically associated with anything camp or lame.

  4. Since this footage is from 1990 it would be interesting to see what these guys look like 17 years later.

  5. If you have kids and have been forced to watch “Lazytown” on Nick, Jr., Sportacus (the main character) aka Magnus Scheving, the show’s creator, has been like the World King of Aerobics a bajillion times…he’s kinda hot though. Maybe it’s the jaunty blue outfit!!

  6. Every goofy, skinny, queer, 12 year old boy who is hiding in his room crying about how the bullies picked on him today, and called him a silly faggot,,should see this video, and, know that there is hope, and, that he can be a Champion, too!

  7. Very Gay. But yet VERY flexible. As much as I can talk shit, I sure as hell am not that athletic.

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