!! OMG, he’s naked: Juan Vidal !!

Actor Juan Vidal didn’t just get naked for his role in the 2004 Mexican film Desnudos, he did naked push-ups, drank milk, and let the camera zoom in on his exposed semi. Bold moves. See them after the jump [NSFW].

Click to enlarge. Download video here.
(Image and Video Source via Dreamcaps)

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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Juan Vidal"

  1. Bug Granger | July 2, 2015 at 2:32 pm | Reply

    Juan Vidal has a small ass penis.

  2. Juan Vidal has the smallest hard-on I have ever seen!

  3. Those pics are amazing! Im a big fan of juan vidal, but havent seen the last photo before. Do you have any idea where that one came from?

  4. nice cock and ass

  5. hott ass guy

  6. lol…. imagine it hard…… itd let him fuck me all day long….. way super hot

  7. LAAAWD have mercy !!!!!!
    Damn I love a man who loves to be naked.

  8. The man is just beautiful – who cares about the size, as long as one can see the thing without a magnifying glass?

  9. Kyle Andrews | August 1, 2008 at 9:11 am | Reply

    To those who are “complaining” about his apparently presumed “small” penis, which of you are IN A MOVIE? So, shut the fuck up. Losers.

  10. I just lodged a complaint with the UN about Brazil. They have far more than their share of hot men and women, and it needs to stop. Or they need to give me a visa.

  11. Who cares how big his dick is if you had something that hot in bed with you!

  12. Yum. I wanna fuck him!
    Add me on AIM! Mecchaud51590

  13. please… even if he was hard, that would be about normal size. i think we’re just not used to seeing normal size guys on film in the US. and saying that ANYONE should be ashamed to show their dick – what kind of cultural brainwashing is that?

  14. To Chris who thinks this guy is small. It reads that he has a semi…Not fully hard.

  15. no chris, if u watch the vid she pulls his underwear down fast, so his dick flops out. the pic caught it in mid flop. he is actually well hung.

  16. Neither a show-er nor a grow-er

  17. Oh dear god, is he hard in that one picture with the woman? Why would somebody with a penis the size of their thumb let such photographs get out?! I kinda feel sorry for him.

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