!! OMG, how trance-inducing: Maharishi honey !!

In the Maharishi Land of World Peace, the most important thing is to grow the most delicious, vibrantly-colored, and sparkly vegetables you can imagine, and to eat only the rarest honey created by little animated bees carrying spoons.
If you make it through to the end of this video, tell me you don’t feel just the tiniest bit transported. (via Feyfriends)
UPDATE: Sorry, Graydon posted this last week. Thanks to the observant readers who brought it to my attention.

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5 Comments on "OMG, how trance-inducing: Maharishi honey"

  1. i think the above remark about brainwashed idiots is hatespeech, and should not be allowed on the site, according to the rules. you should also taste the honey before you criticize it. it’s like nothing you’ve ever had, and might even make you less grouchy. you might even start making sappy blissy videos too.

  2. I live 800 miles from Fairfield Iowa but have visited there often, and I can tell you, such harsh, condemning remarks only reflect on the person who says them. The Maharishi High School students consistently win all the top science, creativity and critical thinking awards, both state and national, more than any school in the U.S. (can you say the same for the local students in your school? obviously not.) The university there is revolutionary and way ahead of its time, offering an education that not only supplies facts, as do other universities, but actually develops the intelligence and consciousness of the student. Brainwashed idiots? Hardly. They have more of a basis in reality than any place I’ve ever been. It’s just a reality that many people, such as the above person, cannot comprehend. The honey video has nothing to do with TM or Maharishi.

  3. I thought Graydon posted about this before? Maybe I’m just silly. 😛

  4. This was posted once already on July 24th by Graydon, but it’s fun the second time around all the same.

  5. I live about 25 miles from Fairfield Ia where they have the Maharishi Vedic University of Management…These people are brain washed idiots. They have good intentions but they just don’t have a basis in reality.

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