!! OMG, he’s naked: Justin Long !!

If you ever wanted to see that smarmy, self-assured/annoying guy from the Apple commercials without his pants on, here is your chance! Justin Long has apparently acted in projects with lines other than “I’m a Mac,” including the film Taking Chances where he stands half-naked with his hands over his bits in a body of water.
See the NSFW stills and video clip after the jump.

Click images to enlarge. Download video clip here.
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7 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Justin Long"

  1. If you want to see him shirtless, just pop in your DVD copy of “Crossroads” starring Britney Spears.

  2. Off topic, but the pictures never expand properly for me, if at all, no matter which browser I use. They either pop up in a new window the same size, or they blow up, but don’t scroll, and the choice bits are cut off. It’s very frustrating.
    Anyway, the two-handed hide doesn’t mean anythig other than he was being really careful to not be seen. Yes, a guy with a lot going on, even soft, would prolly need to use both hands to hide, but it doesn’t mean that every time someone is using two hands, that he really needed to. And maybe he has small hands.
    I’m waiting for a basket shot b4 I start speculating on what he’s working with.
    But anyway, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed regardless.

  3. shouldn’t the headline read:
    OMG he’s shirtcocking!
    cuz he’s not really nekkid.

  4. Break me off a piece of that! I’ve always had a huge crush on him. He was especially adorable in “Herbie:Fully Loaded” with Lindsanity Lohan. LOL

  5. Justin Long. Hope it’s more than just a stage name. 🙂

  6. He’s adorable and totally unaware of it…which makes him more adorable. Jeepers Creepers!

  7. Yeah!!! A Two Handed hide!! Grinnin’
    Nice ass!!

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