!! OMG, How Cold-hearted: Dear Abby !!

The story of Dear Abby has always been a sick and twisted one– full of drama, corruption and family betrayal. Now things are getting crazier: Jeanne Phillips, the current Dear Abby, is apparently cheating her mother, the original Dear Abby, out of her well-earned advice riches. This is the biggest scandal since Brooke Astor had to sleep on that pee couch! According to the NY Post:

The Alzheimer’s-afflicted creator of “Dear Abby” is being cheated out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by her daughter, her son says.

Pauline Phillips, 91, turned her celebrated advice column over to her daughter, Jeanne, in 1995, when the disease was detected.

Jeanne’s company agreed to pay Pauline Phillips — a k a Abigail Van Buren — a $350,000-a-year salary for the rest of her life, said Edward Phillips, Pauline’s son.

After paying for 10 years, the company “suddenly and inexplicably” stopped, Edward said.

He claims in Los Angeles Superior Court that Jeanne’s company now owes $700,000 in payments.

Advice-givers, advise thyselves! If only Ann Landers wasn’t dead I’m sure she could come up with a solution to this problem.
(NY Post)

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  1. gregory harvieux | May 19, 2010 at 12:12 pm | Reply

    Jeanne has NOT SCREWED her MOTHER out of any money! As a former hired employee for the family I saw way too much of lies,drama and B.S. from Jeannes Brother,EDWARD and other family members.
    Jeanne has the RIGHT OF WAY in this matter and Edward knows why!

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