41 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Kelley Johnson from BRAVO’s ‘Below Deck’"

  1. 9 inches enough for you cocksuckers4u

  2. Fucking hot! I hope he comes here to Australia. Below Deck, down under!

  3. A very closeted “bottom boy” who likes to take it rough. Great body, nice dick and amazing heavy low hangers that he likes to show off and have sucked. A great hookup for sure !

  4. Love to see a close up of his smooth nuts !!

  5. He can get it all!

  6. I loved his sexy shaved body. I bet he smells so good! Uncut and hairy is fucking disgusting!

  7. Circumsized and beautiful!!

  8. David Shellborne | August 25, 2016 at 2:34 am | Reply

    Huge cock plain face and mediocre body.

  9. You guys clearly don’t understand how mirrors work. Look at his arms again–they are the same tattoos, just reversed in the mirror shots.

  10. As hot as these pics are, they are not the same guy as the upper pics. Look at the tat on his arm?? Not the same and one goes a lot further up his shoulder than the other. Sorry guys.

  11. OOOOoOOooooooo my word! 🙂

  12. I have a few places he could put that hot dick of his !!

  13. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Get some pubic hair!

  14. Goddamn he’s so fucking hot!!!!! I’d suck that cock for hours.

  15. damn, the face, the chest, the dick…wow! Just please stop with shaving down there. Trim, just trim…

  16. He is beautifully circumcised. What a nice, clean cock.

  17. Gaybro, I thought I recognized him from Grindr when I first saw the pic. This was only a few months ago here in San Francisco.

  18. BJ it is the same guy. He is on Watch what happens live right now, and they showed the pic and he said it was him.

  19. One word……..YUMMY!!!!!

  20. Woof woof! Wow this guy is so hot! Perfection right here! What a body! And those eyes and lips! Yummmm! And THANK GOD he’s circumcised! Man is perfection! What a cock! Sculpts by the gods!

  21. I would marry him

  22. Not the same guy – check out the tattoos

  23. Is shaving the pubes normal for str8 guys ?

  24. I hooked up with this guy when he was using these pictures on Grindr a few years back. He’s a self destructive mess and pornified closet case masquerading as a straight hunk on Below Deck. Total bottom that certainly knows his way around a cock and balls.

  25. My god – leave it to the Marines to turn the heat up on a bland reality show – thanks Dave & Kelly!
    Now we just need to get Eddie to show the goods =)

    I like it when he tears up on Below Deck. I’d love to see him get plowed real hard.

  27. Would love to see him and Dave from season one have a little below deck sword fight

  28. fuck yes! and thank god he’s cut.

  29. Kelley Walton Johnson, showin’ the world his johnson!


  31. Ever since I first saw this guy on Below the Deck, I’ve been praying for this and he looks as awesome as I expected. Wish there were some pics out there without him being shaved tho.

  32. deedle_Dumpling | October 3, 2014 at 6:56 pm | Reply


  33. Perfection.

  34. Dee-lish!

  35. Jay, what can you do? Parents in America seem to like to mutilate the genitals of their children. I think it’s the National past-time or something…

  36. Cut! Thank god, those uncut dudes are so gross.

  37. Ugh. Circumcised. Next, please.

  38. My goodness, he’s really hung!

  39. oh my dear sweet baby jesus

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