!! OMG, His Butt: Kenny Santucci !!

You know how sometimes you’ll turn on Real World/Road Rules Challenge and basically feel like Rip Van Winkle? It seems like I was watching this show yesterday, so who are these hookers and what have they done with Coral and Mormon Julie? I know, I know– call me old-fashioned, but I liked the old hookers! Well, shit, I was just getting used to that girl who smoked on the treadmill… and she’s probably applying for Social Security as we speak.
Okay, so. That aside, I guess there’s one named “Kenny” now. He’s hot in a trashy way, by which I mean marry me? He shows his butt to some Challenge slatterns after the jump. It’s just a flash of crack, but remember: NSFW! I never did mind the little things!

Challenge dailies via Daily Dudetube

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8 Comments on "OMG, His Butt: Kenny Santucci"

  1. kenny is hot i dont care what anybody says not to mention he has got a fine i would not mind meeting him

  2. He’s hot, but I can also tell that he’s definitely a douche. But he’s still hot.
    And, ITA, WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE? Where is my Melissa and Colin and Shane and Eric and Aneesa and the Mizz….

  3. He grabbed his junk around :50. Nice handful.
    Was he starting to enjoy the attention and had to make an adjustment, or was it that stupid fluffing thing you see in porn all the time when you never get to see a dick that hasn’t been pre-stretched. (Maybe some of like to watch it grow?)
    lol @ everlasting wood and shish-kebabs. Typical alpha male, huh? Dunno. at least he has a sense of humor about it. He could be 100% douche.
    The dark haired girl knows she would want if it she thought she could get it, even though he works her nerves. XD

  4. i agree kenny is the biggest narcisist on the show and he’s quite obnoxious because of how cocky he is, but he is physically attractive and strong which is probably the main reason why he was even casted for Fresh Meat, but honestly im sick of seeing him win challenges mainly because its redundant…

  5. actually there’s a better video titled “not so private conversation” where he comes in with a towel only covering his front so you see his whole backside which is way more flattering!… only kenny and johnny has shown skin… the guys that you wish would (like brad and even cohutta) seem to never be naked or something!

  6. Comeee on! i hate copyright, it wont let me view this vid in my country!

  7. I’ve never cared for his personality, but he is soooooooooooooooooo cute. Thanks for the clip!

  8. “Sorry this is unavailable in your region” YOU SUCK!

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