!! OMG, She’s Back: Omarosa !!

Did you miss her? The artist formerly known as Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth is returning to the airwaves with a new reality show, and I can’t wait. This time, teevee’s second-most-famous O is stepping out of the boardroom and into the boudoir, looking for love in all the wealthiest places. And guess who’s helping? That’s right: it’s the Chairman of the Board himself, Mr. Donald Trump! Variety reports:

“Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger” will star the now mono-named Omarosa (nee Maingault-Stallworth) as she attempts to choose a mate from a stable of 12 bachelors.

Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger” will center on 12 men who compete for the reality star’s affection through a series of challenges, both relationship- and business-driven…

Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger” is being shot in Las Vegas at the Trump Intl. Hotel and Tower.

[Donald[ Trump will exec produce with Trump Prods. prexy Andy Litinsky, as well as Juma’s Horowitz and Lewis Fenton.

Trump will also appear on camera as he offers up his advice to Omarosa. In typical reality fashion, one suitor will be eliminated each week until she makes her final choice

Put COTB and HBIC together and what do you get? Well, absolutely nothing, anagram-wise. But the show is sure to be explosive! Maybe if we’re lucky the great Janice Dickinson will make a cameo…

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