!! OMG, he’s naked: Lachlan Buchanan !!

Actor Lachlan Buchanan, born in Australia, goes skinny dipping with a friend in the 2008 movie Newcastle.
See the NSFW screen-grabs after the jump!


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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Lachlan Buchanan"

  1. Lachlan Buchanan is gorgeous, I love this movie and this scene. He’s a stud, but only realized that he’s on The Young and the Restless as Kyle Abbot. He is my age and that’s surprising bc he comes off so young! I admire the whole body and not just the junk hehe! He seems to be a grower and not a shower! Also he’s friends with quite a few of my gay friends in WeHo…I hope to meet him soon;)

  2. yer the blond guy looks cut
    and very hot

  3. Lachlan Buchanan is beautiful

  4. lachlan is circumcised xavier (dark haired one) isn’t

  5. el es guapisimo pero no esta cincuncidado,pero debe estar muy bien con una buena rerccion

  6. the blonde one looks circumcised 😉

  7. I don’t think they’re small. They also just came fom the water and they’re running so I don’t think those factors help 😛
    I wanna run naked with them too hehe

  8. I know, why don’t you guys asks them if they will fed ex their genitals to you so you can get up close and personal, since that is the only part you are interested in. Just make sure to mail them back to the correct owners. It is much easier to appreciate the whole package (trunk + legs + arms …etc)instead of focusing on just one area.The postage would be a lot higher though!

  9. Is he uncircumsed or circumsed? 🙂
    i want to know!

  10. hey. They’re cute, well made, and actually naked. Let’s not be too picky. Why does every man on screen have to be a superhung shower? It would probably detract from the actual plot. It’s not porn, people.

  11. Oh! u did it again using my caps and not using the real source. bad bad
    if u wanna see the videos u can download at mcelebsforum.info

  12. they sure dont look thick to me looks kinda short and stubby, but never know they might be growers and not showers

  13. Christian,
    What about those are thick?

  14. …jimmy johnsons flapping in the wind….

  15. These boys aren’t the hottest, but they do have some great assets. Boy they grow em thick down there.

  16. YUM YUM! 10/10

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