!! OMG, he’s naked: Lefteris Vasilakis !!

Greek actor Lefteris Vasilakis (???????? ?????????) decided to show it all for a recent photoshoot. If you know where the NSFW photo after the jump was published, please let us know in comments.

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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Lefteris Vasilakis"

  1. this was published at a free press mag called lifo.

  2. @shannon …. if he has hips like a woman then it wouldn’t be a very curvaceous one (and i like to see curve in a woman)…. his figure and wiener are just fine….

  3. You can’t help how big your penis is. Some peoples are like an inch non erect but have the body of a god, your saying you’d laugh at someone and walk out? thats pretty shallow, and i bet he can use it

  4. I happen to think he’s quite striking. Definitely better than most of the guys I see out!

  5. @shannon: it is not the size the boat, however, it is the motion of the ocean.

  6. The Nations Wall, Olympic Complex, Athens. Designed by Santiago Calatrava.

  7. *pounce*
    idc what the haters say, this man is definitely shaggable. none for you? more for me. XD

  8. shannon: i also think he’s hot. and he does not have a “tiny weeny”. he has a nice, hot, totally normal, i’d-do-him dick. mmm.

  9. I think he isn’t cut he either has just rolled the foreskin above the dick’s head or his is like that, mine is like that too,while uncut I don’t have enough skin covering the complete surface of my dick and the head is visible even when relaxing.

  10. He might be Greek but his d*ick isnt. Us Greeks are uncut. He prolly was raised in America.

  11. he looks like and is a Cretan man(-akis at the end of surname) the photo is taken in one of those facilities build for the 2004 Olympic games,

  12. Guys….what is hot about this guy??? He has hips like a woman and tiny uncut weeny! You guys are so desperate!

  13. Young greek men are sooo hot! That photo looks like it was taken behind a green screen and put into a background.

  14. Lefteris Vasilakis’ photo published in “Lifo” Free Press May 06.10

  15. It’s from a photoshoot for a greek magazine, Lifo ! I got it this morning and I was like, WTF ! Then I was like in the bathroom doing… something….

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