!! OMG, Let Them Kiss: ‘Modern Family’ couple Cam and Mitchell !!

Hey, I haven’t actually seen yet it but everyone says this Modern Family show on ABC is pretty good! Chief among its charms are a gay couple named Cam and Mitchell– who are dumpy, middle aged and poorly-dressed in a way that makes them more realistic than probably any other gay people on television. (That includes reality TV gays, most of whom might as well have painted-on hair and a smooth little bump where their junk should be.) Yay!
There’s only one little problem with the gays on Modern Family: because network TV executives are still apparently being driven to work in Conestoga limousines, Cam and Mitchell haven’t been allowed an onscreen kiss. I guess a little gay peck is worse than than ten thousand Janet Jackson’s boobs and outrageous Survivor cameltoes all put together?
But because this is 2010, there’s now a crackerjack Facebook group petitioning for Cam and Mitchell’s onscreen smooch. Normally I don’t think these facebook groups are worth shit, but then again who just hosted SNL this weekend? Oh, right!
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  1. I’m really dissapointed with the portrait of Cam and Mitchell. They appear as a gay couple, but behave as two friends who happen to be gay, share the same bed and…. adopt a child? Plus, Cam was created to portrait the stereotypical looks of a super-queered gay guy, which steals his personality and annoys me to hell…
    If they don’t show Cam and Mitchell as a REAL couple, I am seriously considering to stop watching this series.

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