!! OMG, He’s Naked (Maybe): Mickey Mantle !!

A site called HotPrisonPals.com (NSFW, obvs!) has just posted what they claim to be an old, authentic photo of celebrated baseball player Mickey Mantle buck-ass naked in the locker room. Well who doesn’t trust a site called “Hot Prison Pals”?!
Um, I don’t really. But the picture is actually surprisingly hot— and it’s kind of nice to see a picture of a naked athlete not taken on a cell phone these days. So fake or not, the picture is after the jump. (And yes, you greedy pigs, he’s “really” naked, peen and all.) NSFW!

[via Gawker]

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19 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked (Maybe): Mickey Mantle"

  1. Humberto Alejandro Sanchez Fernandez Rodriguez Rueda Rocha | December 9, 2012 at 11:16 am | Reply

    I laugh at the childish unsophistication of men shocked (hard to believe) at seeing Mickey Mantle nude by his locker. What do they expect? This macho man covering his bush, because some other men might see him “aux naturelle”. Don’t they realize what goes on in the showers, locker rooms and training camps of all sport teams, from high school on up? Guys throw boners left and right, some teammates wash each other’s backs and assholes, and of course, fucking occurs. Men have always liked to mess around together from caveman times, and most especially when there are no women to be had. What’s a pirate to do, sharing close quarters with other men for years & years? And what about all the cowboys of The Wild West?
    And yes, the lumberjacks, no sissies any of them,
    isolated for MONTHS! on end from civil society,
    believe me, what goes on in their bunkhouses is not for the fainthearted. Long haul truckers all have deep, dark secrets, and it’s all about their mouths, cocks, assholes, and how they converge.
    And the Highway Patrol who share the highways with the truckers, they too cut into the action, in the sleeping cabs of the trucks, and at the trucker dormitories, where there are no slouchers for all-out orgies. Ever wonder how all those brave and brawny firemen while away those long,
    long nights at the firehouse? It’s all darkness and who is to know or care or able to stop it. There is far more hanky-panky going on among real men than most people can imagine, for in our culture the only true sex is between men & women. But historically, the no holds barred erotics have been the exclusive province of male orgies, for men together possess what anthropology has categorized as the male bond, the dynamic which causes men to bind in groups, and when the group attains sufficient isolation and secrecy, men hide NOTHING! from each other, and so they FUCK!

  2. Hmmm his bush is a little to trimmed. I’d expect it to be like a forest for its time XD

  3. Man that was something I did not want to see. Thanks for ruining a legend dudes.

  4. The elephant in the room is the issue of whether or not Mickey was circumcised. After painstaking research, I did not find an answer.

  5. Here’s an actual photo of a shirtless Mantle from 1956:
    I wonder if it’s even Mantle’s head in the nude photo.

  6. OMG! Yep, photoshop or not, this stokes the imagination! Nice. Yum! Hehe.

  7. OMG! What a nice piece of meat, indeed! Hung! Nice. Yum! Hehe.

  8. The torso shot it his, however the lower extremities are highly doubtful. I have the same picture, which I will pass to OMG, but it stops prior to any exposure. Plus the man on the left, closest to the camera, in my picture, his jacket is out of focus, as would be if he was close to the camera and the focus was set on Mantle.

  9. Calling your readers “greedy pigs” is pretty ridiculous, and frankly stupid from a PR point of view.
    Guess what you’re blog is about showing peen & naked men. You might have some other BS, but that’s why most people come here.

  10. the part I’ve highlighted is pasted in there:
    you can notice how his thigh goes over the man who is closer than him to the camera, his body is turn front on the camera yet the lower half is from a man who is turned on his side and it’s missing a few inches of waist to even resemble a real human body,

  11. The image file metadata says Photoshop from 2009.

  12. I just worked with Mickey Mantle’s grandson on a TV show. Kelly Mantle. He’s an actor and a fierce ass drag queen and BEAUTIFUL! http://www.kellymantle.com

  13. men in those days did not trim their pubes so def a fake .. plus his head does not fit his shoulders :p

  14. I think he looks good, nice and natural. People need to be so anal about the way people look, if you want to see guys that look like ADONIS then go pay for a pornsite, really!!!!!! IMO he looks good to me.
    Nice catch OMGBLOG keep it up! 😀

  15. Why Bmad?! Why do you let Shannon post?
    Why Shannon?! Why do you not accept my challenge, Lord Tinydick?

  16. MMM MMM I’d go done on that! Nice piece of meat.

  17. Real or not, it’s super fucking hot and stokes the imagination… Thanks for sharing this.

  18. He should get dressed…..QUICKLY

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