!! OMG, he’s naked: Philip Olivier !!

This could be fake, but it’s a very good one if it is… Soap star Philip Olivier caught with his pants down backstage!
See the NSFW photos after the jump.
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25 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Philip Olivier"


  2. wow i would last 4ever with him sooooooo hot and wat a cock

  3. wow wat a cock. i would love to fuck him 24/7.

  4. clealry not him cos if you’d ever seen a picture of him before you’d realise his arse doesnt go out that far

  5. Haha. I Cant Believe Its So Small.
    I Thought It Would Have Been Massive. Still, I’d Do Him Anydays.
    Would You Emily?

  6. Hey looks circumsized !

  7. you know… I think y’all are crazy. It looks real to me. I don’t see this “line” you keep talking about but even if there is one, ever think that maybe it’s just a tan line??

  8. omg i copped off 4 him aswell yummy

  9. i just wanna suck an fuck all day with philips cock

  10. Clearly fake. Very small

  11. He can leave all his clothing in the cupboard when he is in my house… I’ll ride that thing good and solid all night long!!!

  12. the line starting from the top of his ass and going down is clearly photoshopped. I agree it’s fake from the waist down

  13. OK, I would be really disapointed in the celeb-porn aficionados who thought this thing was real. OK, THAT’S IT. YOU NOW HAVE TO QUALIFY TO BE A CELEB SKIN FREAK. RULES AND REQUIREMENTS TO FOLLOW!

  14. I think that’s one hot ass! Oh, and the picure looks fake. What are we talking about?

  15. It’s fake but from the waist down, not the neck. You can clearly see the different skin tones.

  16. I think it’s a fake. His head seems too big for his body, unless it is a strange camera angle

  17. I want to see the face that goes to the body if it is fake.

  18. Look again… while this pic may well be a fake, that penis is uncut… it’s just unsheathed.

  19. considering he’s probably uncut-i think its a fake

  20. This is a BAD fake. Clearly not him from the neck down.
    Is the person who thinks this is GOOD delusional?

  21. je suis trés heureux de voir phil. olivier. …… please more pictures. thanks from Paris

  22. Did Kylie give up Olivier Martinez for this guy? Big mistake!

  23. I’d say it’s a fake. You can blurring on the neck. And considering he’s posed next to naked in nearly every fashion shoot he’s done, it doesn’t quite look the same.
    He used be in a soap called Brookside, then one series of Hollyoaks in the City and now isn’t really doing much. He won a sports reality TV show and has realised countless tops-off, tits-out, arse-out calenders which gays lavishly salivate over.

  24. I think it’s a fake.

  25. If it is fake it IS very good… if it is real then the only thing fake is his smile.
    what soap is he in?

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