!! OMG, they’re doing it: Ray J & Kim Kardashian !!

I had never heard of Ray J or Kim Kardashian until today, but the whole Internet is in an uproar over their raunchy, thirty-minute sex tape. What I have learned today is that Ray J is a recording artist who also happens to be Brandy’s baby brother, and Kim Kardashian is his ex-girlfriend who also happens to love giving blowjobs.
Another thing I learned is that Ray J’s penis is very long. Not so thick, but very, very long. If you’re curious, there is a collage after the jump, and links to the video clips [NSFW]! Happy weekend!

UPDATE: We received a Cease and Desist from Vivid, who owns the rights to the video, so we’ve taken down the images. You can still watch the preview video over at Dlisted.
(Thanks to Clinton for the collage!)

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73 Comments on "OMG, they’re doing it: Ray J & Kim Kardashian"

  1. Ray J is Fine As Fckkkkk.!

  2. hey man this is wild ray j yhu can’t even fuck dhat gud yhu wouldn’t last wit me

  3. “Why is it that every time a black penis is shown, no matter how big it is, there’s always some angry white guy talking about how much bigger white guys’ dicks are?”
    You can’t be serious that white men claim to be more well endowed than black men? If you truly believe that white men — 98% of white men — believe or have said this then you are really out of touch. We give credit where credit is due. We know black men are far more hung than the majority of white men.

  4. there are only 2 universal truths in the world, one is that there is no masculine way for a man to a carry a woman’s handbag and 2, Black men have bigger dicks than any other race on average. Ray J is not so bad in size but certainly nothing to write home abt.

  5. Small dick, it wasnt worthy for that girl to get taped with such small dick, but the good thing is that the guys would know, that she is not all scrach by a big black cock

  6. i watch him every morning on one on one which i didnt know he was on but watch out ray j you’ll choke someone with that thing

  7. Why is it that every time a black penis is shown, no matter how big it is, there’s always some angry white guy talking about how much bigger white guys’ dicks are?

  8. hey bitches your just jealous that kim is pretty and got to suck his dick so back off and leave her alone

  9. Hey wats goin on?

  10. Im sure if you were the real kim you’d spell jealous correctly lol

  11. Kim Kardashian | May 14, 2009 at 6:08 pm | Reply

    Hey this the real Kim and i just wanna say that u people are just jelouse u didnt get to taste his sweet cock so fuck off bitches

  12. Reality Check | May 7, 2009 at 6:45 pm | Reply

    His penis is ok in length but the width is not good. Anyone that pleases women understands that it’s the width they need to massage their G-spot, not the length.
    If he had more width he would be worth talking about.

  13. His dick is no HUGE unless that woman is 6 or 7 feet tall and she has bigger hands than me. But it’s certainly not small.
    Isn’t it racist to say that all black men have huge dicks (like saying all of some other type of men are very smart)? (I guess Al Sharpton hasn’t picketed that one yet!) I was in the army and I work out in a NYC public gym and see lots of cocks black and white. The size thing is overstated and often the biggest cock is white not black.

  14. dam ray you have a long dick

  15. um excuse me white hater..black ppls dicks are always big..ur mad cuz urs isnt..bitch

  16. i attend westbury high skool n di would just like to come out of the closet here….IM BI i want to fuk ray j sooooooo bad come put ur dick n my ass ray j kim watch out theres a new sherif n town …call me if u need a blow job….any time 4 u boo:-*

  17. Kim Kardashian | March 26, 2009 at 7:29 pm | Reply

    um u people are all haters i love ray j and he didnt pump anything ray j has a nice sized dick and u hoes need 2 leave me aone if i really wanted 2 suck another dick i woudl have already and now me and ray j are back together so bye bitches

  18. hahahahaha lopsided

  19. dam his dick is fucckin nice i wouldnt mind if that was in me

  20. His dick look like mine but I anint lopside

  21. omg, he has a smaller, uglier cock than an Asian. I have a much bigger Japanese one

  22. pisses me off he is str8t. somebody as hot as he is, needs to be for boys only. yeah i would fuck him daily.

  23. ray j has a big dick, i wouldnt mind sucking on that big stick

  24. i can’t believe people actually take time to hate on people. you can always tel who is poor trash by how much they hate people they don’t even know. hate him if he hates you, otherwise stop being so insecure. if he was with an ugly black girl no one would be hatting so much. the time for troubled trash folk is coming to an end.

  25. black people arent that big i mean look at him most black people who are in porn pump their penis.

  26. So d, you’re 14 years old and on an adult website…Need we say more to OMG ?!

  27. lol
    the black thing is made up by porn industries(and all black dudes i know have small/regular size dicks)
    im white, 14 and i have a bigger cock then him
    thats sad for him
    black people are no better
    its all about how you work the waist and get inside the persons head

  28. haahahahah it is lopsided ahahhaha

  29. all u little bitches/hoes need to stfu espeically tha ones sayin i would suck him the only reason why u would is cause hes famous!his dick is ugly and small

  30. jlove STFU and quit being naive. Beside most cocks look ugly anyways.
    Hey Tanim, stfu you racist.

  31. u people are jsu as disgusting as the two of them who made the tape have some class!!! for the record he has the uglist anerexic lopsided penis ive ever seen i wouldn fuck him with some elses pussy.. his shit is sick and needs to be check!!1

  32. Oh, Thanks! Really funny. keep working!

  33. i would suck him

  34. his penis is small

  35. a rayj send me some pics of u naked my sis loves u

  36. O.M.G RAy j is so sexxy i would where the fuck out of his dick he would half to beg me to stop. I allways wonder what his dick looked like now that i do WOW. but my dick is big too and dat hoe KIM.K better back tha fuck off my man bitch I’m gay and i can suck a dick better than u can so nah what

  37. Ok…he’s sporting a doable piece…but truthfully, my dick is alot bigger and longer…Kim’s pussy would be split to the max…and she’ll by cumming endlessly…that’s for real….

  38. omg ray j dick look so good i wouldlet him fuck my ass so fuckinghard

  39. yo i wish kim cam suck me

  40. u nasty whores that video was completely accidental.

  41. damn i wanna suck that niqqa so
    hard id make his toes curl!!!

  42. omg!!! ray j dick looks all good to me and ima bi so i would fuck kim kardashians big booty az too!! and for the rcord im not rascist or whatever but BLACK DICKS ARE WAY BETTER THAN WHITE DICKS….TRUST ME IVE FUCKED BOTH

  43. Ray j dick is hot. i’m gay and I want Ray J to fuck me now.Hardcore.Iwant to suck his dick and for him to cum in my mouth.

  44. IM armenian and my dick is way bigger lol blacks are big only compared to asians and whites. lol


  46. I bet you he’s got the HIVS hahaha, his dick looks like it’s infected…she could have done so much better… she needs some VANILLA, his dick looks BUSTED! hahahaha like a fucking tree branch, all bad.

  47. Masta Big Buck | May 3, 2008 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    Yo i ams da nigga dat shit in ray j’s mouf! Yo he be sayin lemme eat yo shits! Please Masta Bigz! I looove dem shits!

  48. decent random | April 26, 2008 at 1:55 pm | Reply

    you bitches who are talkin dirrty.. are dirty whoress.. infected big timmee… get a life not aidddds 😀

  49. yeah Ray J’s dick isnt that big, Kim’s hand take up half of it and she has smaller girly hands, my white guy slightly above average dick takes 2 and a half hands for a handjob(not sure how many Kardashian hands that is)

  50. Hey people.
    I think the Ray-J sex tape pics are HOT !! Can anyone tell me where I can buy the video ? My e-mail is:
    [email protected]. Thanks in advance.
    From Virgo.

  51. ray j ray j i will suck yo dick boi i want it in me so i can scream yo name and call you daddy and maybe i can give it up to you wheneva you need or u just horny because i want to please you and you pleaseme everytime and the postitions i like is teabaging doggystyle sucking the dick from behind and sucking the dick while licking the balls also eat the cum and while you inside of me but ray j i just want you to know that i want you bad…

  52. omari-ma-sexi-king | February 12, 2008 at 2:10 am | Reply

    Im a gay guy but…Wow I personally don’t like ray j but after this im droolin
    His dick look extra good.
    The boi below me….to ur comment…..shut the fuck up bitch nobody want ya ugly ass cunt
    If I were there I would hit that hoe kim over her head wit a black skillet and let ray j bang it up like he was doin 2 her n maybe nutt in ma mouff,, ohh Im a lil freak lmfao

  53. they was talking about his dick being huge it’s long but it ain’t that fat but id still do him

  54. Ray j dick is not big his shit is about 5″ and 1/2 inches i’m 16 and my shit is 7″ inches ay ican’t find the movie on limewire what do i type in to find the movie and ladies if u want a real man hoola at me come suck my dick not his mines bigger anyway

  55. OMG i would freakin suck Ray js Dick it not big but it is long.

  56. waz good let me get in on a tape

  57. would anyone like to give me that video, because its not on the rapid share anymore

  58. dawg, u gotta be carrying a 10inch dick.take it all off. all of my vids are strictly nude

  59. DAMN… Ray J’s dick is HUGE. I downloaded the full vid. from Limewire and DAMN it was hot. I love him wow i want to fuck that huge wang. I looks around 9″ and is circumcised!!!

  60. Ummm … I would like to suck Kim’s Pussy and then suck Ray J’s Cock! And fuck her till she is all out!

  61. I think kim kardashian did it for the money of course she knew that the tape existed. I am sure since paris hilton did it that kim could also. Sure won’t hurt her career or ray j career they were both not going anywhere.

  62. i saw the entire porno . . . . they some freaks!! lol

  63. **ray js dick iz big azz hell if he asked me to i would suck and let him fuck**

  64. she looks amazing. i didnt realize she had that body. wow!

  65. i like porn

  66. OMG! I have finally found what I was looking for. All this time this information about RayJ (because I couldn’t honestly care less about KK) stutting his manliness on film has been floating around the net, and you have had it all this time. You are my new hero! Boy, was it worth it.

  67. damn ray-j got a big ass dick i would love 2 suck that shit mmmmmmmmmmm

  68. they look like greasy cold french fries that that have been sitting on the table for too long.
    jack jett

  69. Ray-J’s currently dating none other than this year’s comeback queen (god willing) Whitney Houston.
    Guess she liked what she saw!

  70. Shaun Michaels | March 24, 2007 at 6:04 am | Reply

    U say she might love 2 do it,but trust me she has no idea how 2 do it! Barely gettin the head of a not very large cock in the mouths not the way,silly girl! Thats why guys come 2 us,cause only us guys know how 2 do it properly! Girls,stick 2 spreadin your legs wide & reaching 4 the stars & leave a mans job 2 us!!!LOL!

  71. Finally, the most anticipated sex tape of all time! I just saw this and it’s great. Of course it helps that Kim Kardashian is maybe the best looking girl ever to appear in a celebrity sex tape. What a porn star body.
    If anyone is interested in seeing the Kim Kardashian full sex tape you can find it at the big adult video dump site http://www.freepornvideos69.com (NSFW).
    Why do all these women make these porn videos anyway?

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