!! OMG, he’s naked: Sam Rockwell !!

Sam Rockwell, who played Zaphod Beeblebrox in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and is in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Moon shows us more than a full moon in one of his films. See Sam’s bits and bobs in NSFW screen grabs after the jump.

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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Sam Rockwell"

  1. I am very old now, but I have shot stills for movies since the young 70’s. I was hired to shot the stills for Lawn Dogs which was shot in Danville, Kentucky my hometown during my high school days.
    I saw Sam naked many times during the filming and hard almost as many times. He was a perfect specimen. 6 to 7 hard as a rock and he was totally not shy. The film could not be made today because the young female lead was under age. He has not totally aged well, but remains beautiful and always funny. There are moments I cannot mention here but I have the stills and the negatives.

  2. Sit on my face and rub that hot ass all over my face. I would just die and go to heaven. Hot work Sam, keep it up.

  3. He’s hot naked and he strips down in several of his movies. His c*ck is great. C*cks are not always big and hard. Sometimes they are small before they grow. Everybody knows that.

  4. fucking bottom bitch size queens…He’s got a hot body here and a beautiful ass. As long as he can get hard and shoot a load, I’ll suck it no matter what the size.

  5. Ah, too bad it’s a small one.

  6. LAWN DOGS is from 12 years ago, it’s an excellent film and Rockwell was hot hot hot in it. This isn’t a glancing shot, it’s totally part of the story. Too bad he got full of his own sh!t and turned into a liquor pig. He looks like hell in Moon.

  7. small big small big small big – I would never date a size queen. They are too limited in their thinking and their loyalties are easily distracted by the next bulge that walks by. Substance is more then just whats in a guy pants. It has a lot to do with what is between their ears.

  8. @ john
    thank you, b/c I was about ot ask.
    see, brendan fraser needs to have done this in Gods and Monsters.
    Back when he was hawt.

  9. It looks small because it’s not really pointing down. He looks shorter when he’s nude

  10. He shows his butt in Moon too! It’s hot! And the movie is excellent!

  11. Yes, please, thank you.

  12. Oh man… I love me some Sam Rockwell… ever since Midsummer Night’s Dream…

  13. The movie is Lawn Dogs, btw, and the scene is really sexy. He plays a hick-ish guy who, as you can infer from the pictures, stops on a country bridge after a hard day’s work in the hot sun. He gets out, takes his clothes off, jumps into the river, swims to shore, and climbs back into the truck nonchalantly, all while having traffic stopped.

  14. Hmm, not all that bed tbh. If he knew of me, and was attracted to me, I might not kick him out of bed.

  15. pretty gosh darn yummy!

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