!! OMG, she was euthanized: Shawn Johnson !!

The American gymnast who won gold at last year’s Olympics had to be put down after she broke her knee. So sad! So young…

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10 Comments on "OMG, she was euthanized: Shawn Johnson"

  1. If you want bad-taste humour – look for The Chaser’s “Make A Realistic Wish Foundation” sketch. Tasteless but absolutely HILARIOUS! NSF Young Children!

  2. Wow. This is why the gay movement can’t get off the ground – we’re a bunch of dumbasses.
    Please – if you couldn’t figure out that this was a parody, it is NOT the webmaster’s fault. The point of good satire is that it hits too close to home.

  3. That was in really bad taste … B4 opsting those news stories you should include in the title that it’s from THE ONION … I can usually find humor in everything and I am a big fan of the Onion but posting this vid without mentioning at 1st the source is inconsiderate at best and cruel at worst … Just my humble opinion

  4. No sh*t it’s fake, dumbass.
    This video was hilarious! Haha … I love The Onion!

  5. Come on people…”euthanized” that alone should have clued you in on its fakeness… dont get all pissy at the blogger because your idiots

  6. The video is not working for me. When I click on the play button, nothing happens.

  7. This is awesome!
    I always wondered why they shot horses after accidents. Like their entire life was racing and nothing more. For anyone who’s ever said “eh, it’s only an animal”. Think about this. Suppose we did this to humans. Eh, it’s only a gymnast.
    Pure gold. Olympic gold that is.

  8. Sorry… not funny or cool 🙁

  9. This is clearly fake, the onion news network is a fake news network and they do parody and satirical work. i think you should at least warn people and tell them its fake. this is not cool.

  10. Oh my FUCKING goodness I thought this shit was real at first! I was SO fucking confused! Then I was like “What the hell, her parents have no emotion, they talk like their fish died or something”
    but I get it now, haha. 🙂

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