!! OMG, he’s naked, single and stranded in the mountains: Thom Bierdz !!

The Young and the Restless actor Thom Bierdz is so DADorable, and gay, and single [probably not any more] and gay and DADorable also as well too. I’m gonna write him on Facefook and see if he won’t let me live in his mountain cabin bushes over the summer months. He can throw me scraps of COCK MEAT from his veranda and I could whistle Kenny Rogers SAX SOLO’S at him when he comes outside to stretch his TATS in the morn.
Click below to see them tats, and bushes and the scraps of NSFW cock meat. As well as his boyfriend-request video [yes] and Thom’s workout tips video [sweaty ballsack something-or-other…woof].
# real_man_tats

Click on Thom to make his bushes bigger:

[via justadream]

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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked, single and stranded in the mountains: Thom Bierdz"

  1. He’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Got a nice big cock and a hot thick bush!!!Hate it when men shave their bush!!!

  2. I used to date Thom. He has a sensitive spot at the base of his scrotum near his perineum that causes his epididymis to go spastic and shoot out loads of semen. It really freaked me out, but at the same time it was very hot.

  3. What an exacting pic

  4. He is now dating a man named Ron. I used to find him super adorable during his acting years. He is still handsome, but the tattoos are so ugly. Happily for him he doesn’t give a shit what I think.

  5. Secret Identity | December 25, 2012 at 4:57 pm | Reply

    I remember when he first appeared on Young and the Restless. I had the biggest crush on him. I was young living at home and very closeted. I often thought if I could find a guy like him, my world would be perfect. I found out only many years later that he was gay. I know he’s had a rough life but he’s still handsome as ever. If I were his type, I’d submit an app right away.

  6. Thom is a very funny fellow….

  7. *swoon*

  8. Yikes. Hair dye and narcissism abound. Does this eventually happen to all guys in CA?

  9. bambinoitaliano | December 25, 2012 at 9:34 am | Reply

    The way he speaks kind of remind me of Keanu Reeves. I doubt a man like that would have been single, unless we have not seen the dark side of him yet. The only think I’m weary of is that he is an actor. Not about money, but having a career where you have to regularly abuse your emotion can be difficult sustaining a relationship in the real world.

  10. Duncan Alexander | December 25, 2012 at 12:37 am | Reply

    These images are already public; they are either shots from films and shows he acted in or otherwise from his Public Youtube Channel.
    I personally don’t find it distasteful, as I think you’ll find my posting somewhat gushingly celebratory of Thom. If I looked like that and put videos of myself on the internet in my underwear and someone re-posted it saying I was DADorable, and wanted to feed on scraps of my cock meat and whistle Kenny Rogers to me every morn when I awoke…other than being probably scared as shite and checking the bushes outside my cabin on a regular basis just-in-case; I think I’d be flattered.
    Go ahead and ask your friend what he thinks, and if he’s game I’ve asked for only Kenny Rogers compact disks for Christmas and have been practicing my whistling and survival skills just in case Thom wants me in his bushes.
    duncanalexander x

  11. Sign me up! What a hunk of man.

  12. I am not sure whether Thom gave you permission to post these rather intimate photos or not. As a friend of his, even if these were on a dating site, it doesn’t mean they should go public. If he gave you permission…I have no qualms, but I find this distateful considering he is a friend of mine. Also he isn’t single and I am not his boyfriend.

  13. you’re stunningly beautiful. i’m sure the right guy will come along real soon. if not, contact me. i’m not a creep. [email protected]. i live in los angeles. merry christmas.

  14. Lol um no thanks, he seems a bit off and like he might be on drugs. He doesnt cook, plow snow or seem single in a good way lol. When Tad Luckinbill switches teams then let me know 😉

  15. he is very handsome

  16. This guy gives me the creeps.

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