!! OMG, Waffle Couture: Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker !!

Can I order the Louis Vuitton Waffles, with extra Guccheese and sliced Dolce&Banana on top? Oh and a glass of Orange Choo’s, with pulp. Thanks.
Forget breakfast, I’m making a LV Waffle clutch purse with this one. You can carry round your lip-liner, lip gloss and Dr. Scholl’s Heelz Pads in it all night, then at 3 am when you leave the bar and nowhere is open, you can kick your poly-vinyl wedge heels off and nibble on your clutch whilst you wait for the bus to l’arrive.
3am WAFFLE CLUTCHURE. Greedy botch!
[via booooooom]

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