!! OMG, he’s naked: Tim DeKay !!

After several requests, I’ve posted the stills and clip from Tim DeKay‘s nude scene in HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me. Is Tim really hotter than Ian Somerhalder [link NSFW]? Whose thing is bigger? These debates still rage.
See the NSFW stuff after the jump.

Click to enlarge. Download video here.
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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Tim DeKay"

  1. I have been watching Carnivale on Prime and cannot keep my eyes off Tim’s butt! I finally got to the scene where he is totally nekid and pounding the little blonde whore. I watched it several times and then searched for a nude photo. These are great, but I would like a better shot of his erect penis. To me, this guy is pure sex and I WANT him.

  2. LOL, I bet this gets a LOT more views now that he is on White Collar. He’s pretty sexy on that show.

  3. He also has a brief but hot gay scene in the 1997 Valerie Bertinelli mini-series Night Sins. (His character gets caught in bed with a man.) Not too many people saw it because it premiered the same night NBC aired Schindler’s List for the first time with no commercials. He was leaner then too. (Weren’t we all?)

  4. Yes was in Big Eden, the str8 best friend, fell in love with him there, and for me is hotter than Ian pretty eyes.Perhaps reminds me too much of my best friend, str8ish from my past too? But didn’t get to kiss him like they did in big eden.Great shots!

  5. Not “Out of Eden,” but “Big Eden,” and yes, he is the love interest, the straight guy whose best friend, back from the Big City, has a crush on him. Lots of other TV work, too, on popular crime series.

  6. holay!!
    mofo is packing!!!
    fucking yum!
    n look at his big bush!
    love to get a piece of him!! lol

  7. Alan down in Florida | October 31, 2007 at 1:10 pm | Reply

    As one of the requesters I say “Thank you thank you thank you”. Developed a crush on Tim when he portrayed the object of love and desire who reciprocated the former but not the latter in the gay flick Out Of Eden.
    So far his total nudity on the show has been almost exclusively within the confines of the closet. I wonder if the writers are subtly telling us the real reason he is not having sex with his wife.

  8. Shaun Michaels | October 31, 2007 at 3:53 am | Reply

    Ians hot,but whats his cock like? Tims got a great big thick cut piece of manmeat! YUMMY!!!

  9. SOOO friggin’ HOT. Tom DeKay is the real deal. And who knew that he had such a big pee-pee. That Ian dude is too fem.

  10. I have been hot for this man ever since he was in Carnivale…he has a very lucky wife :p

  11. this guy is ruggedly handsome, less boney, and has a much more desirable phuck piece and mangina.
    Ian is WAY too effeminate!

  12. I’d have to do both of them to really see. I’d rather look at Ian, but have this guy’s meat.

  13. Nice vajayjay!

  14. Nice and circumcised…a beaut.

  15. But this guy clearly has a prettier dick! It is so fat, and CUT!!

  16. EWW
    Ian is much better to look at

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