!! OMG, he’s naked: William Levy !!

Cuban actor William Levy stars on the Mexican soap operas like Cuidado Con El Ángel and Pasión. But before he was a big star in Mexico he modeled mesh underwear! And you can see him in the NSFW banana hammocks after the jump!

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86 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: William Levy"

  1. Hello who has his webcam scandal? Please share the link here. Thanks!

  2. Just the truth | June 28, 2015 at 11:44 pm | Reply

    I want to give him a blowjob!!!!! And want his dick in me all day long, and drink his delicious cum… Mmmmmmm

  3. the foreskin is pulled back. and honestly, the only people that like circumcised penises are americans and middle easterns. no one likes a scarred and dried up cut up penis, circumcised is gross

  4. I sure am glad he posed for these pics. His beautiful circumcised cock helps prove not all Latinos have Anteaters. His Dr did a fabulous job! Yum!

  5. William is one HELL!!! of a HOT SEXY STUD!!I would love to have a threesome with William and my hot girlfriend.

  6. hez dick is very swit 2 suck

  7. jennifer garton | April 13, 2014 at 1:50 pm | Reply

    I love your dick they’re sexy I wanna become your blowjob queen I’d like to suck them all day you sexy Latino man you may ne my stripper and we’ll have a nice time

  8. Your Perfection baby…,if only I could feel the test of your lips
    I loveeeee youuuu Levvvvvvyyy…..!!!!

  9. jst lyk mine wow

  10. Penis pula william levy | December 11, 2013 at 4:02 pm | Reply

    I adore william levy and I want to have sex with him! has a beautiful dick and I want to fuck suck and jerk off to throw face me!!!!! I love william levy!!!!

  11. Love u William levy | November 27, 2013 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    I love wiliam levy , I wish he was mine I would suck his dick and his sperms in my mouth and his ass, iI would fuck him and he would fuck me to and will have sex forever in bed I wish u were gay wiliam levy. :). I like ur balls , ur big cock and ur big asswhole. 🙂


  13. he’s sexy I can suck him up right now (I want to be his boyfriend)

  14. he’s not gay but I’m pretty sure he’s bi !!!!

  15. Nice cock. I wanna lick till it bursts inside me. :))

  16. William i love your penis pls. Let me lick it if i could have that chance ill even drink your sperm cause i nkow it tastes good.i want to have sex with william levy.william rape me meet my room and well have sex. I love sex super…rape me handsome boys uhuh!!!

  17. Wow, he looks sooooooooooo hot! what a long dick! Indeed, the true Latin Brad Pit

  18. omg your dick is so huge

  19. On the rope | May 16, 2013 at 5:38 pm | Reply

    WHAT!!!!!!!!SUPER UGLY

  20. i really like his dick

  21. Wow! Wat a dick.suckable one indeed!

  22. Where has this beautiful man been. God, I would love to kiss and lick every inch of Williams firm body. I would love to spend a long, long night with him, sucking his cock until he unloads in my mouth.

  23. The undisputed fact is WILLIAM LEVY is Stunning in every aspect.
    Gorgeous, sexy, face, body and so charismatic.
    Circumcision is a brutal barbaric practice that is archaic and hold no relevance in todays society.
    As demonstrated here, albeit the family has Jewish ancestry , The Levy family decided not to inflict the mutilation on William as is more than evident to anyone with clear sight or normal vision.William was luckier than I was or many are.
    The cutting should be outlawed immediately.
    I know of CUT men who stink plenty so there is no excuse for uncleanliness unless desired.
    Anyone who has any experience with uncut would know it is much more appealing and more stimulating as well as more sensitivity due to the several square inches of remaining nerve endings put their by G-D himself.
    As far as I am concerned, the more and longer the foreskin hangs the better.
    [email protected]

  24. ILoveWilliamLevy'sDick | March 29, 2012 at 7:20 pm | Reply

    His dick is not small! Look at the second picture, you can see the length and just imagine it erect, omg I’m so hard. I just want him inside me! Ass or mouth IDC!!!

  25. William Levy is goreous! Perfection!

  26. William is a golden apollo! He is the sexiest man alive! Ohhh, what I would do with him….

  27. Ay papito chulo!! Traimelo paka yo le ago todo lo que quiera al papi

  28. he is so dam sexy men i want him to come here and ill give him a Bj 😉

  29. He’s not circumcised. he just has his foreskin pulled back.

  30. que rico tu testiculo

  31. omg sexy af i wnt that dick in my mouth 24 7

  32. my wife wants to suck your cock

  33. William levy | May 5, 2011 at 7:17 pm | Reply

    Hey guys IM not gay.. But i would like to have my big juicy cock sucked.. Oh IM horny… I wanna masturbate it got red hahaa

  34. It is small I that it was going to be bigger!:O that sucks:(

  35. waw!!he’s so ht…but nxt tym don wear anyhing…and let it stand…i wnt o suck i..i luv it

  36. William is totally HOT!!!! Not only his body but I’ve seen him in interviews and he is such a down to earth guy…. Es un CUBANO LINDO!!!! Perfection!!!! Besos to all his pink parts!!! lol

  37. i would love to be fucked with that gorgeus cock,to suck it,and kiss you.

  38. jojojojodonkey | December 31, 2009 at 3:09 pm | Reply

    i want to suck his dick until his dick turns red or cum comes out wich everone cums first :0

  39. William Levy is too HHHHHOOOTTTT!
    I want to suck his cock!!!
    I’m glad that he is Cut or Circumcised. u can see it on the picture above #3

  40. I like the full on pic of him. I would definetly put that in my mouth. I would love to have his cum on my face. I wish Taylor Lautner did a nude photo shoot.

  41. William Levy is Jewish…duh! He’s circumcised! His cock looks like mine! I have a very lose circ…will tighten it tho cause some people speculate I’m uncut and that’s just gross! William Levy is a perfect MAN! I’m glad he’s cut!

  42. for me its not important if william levy is circumcised or not cause for me he’s a good actor.i’m not looking to his body but i look at his character as an artist.i’m his fan here in the philippines.keep up the good work william and more power to your carrer.

  43. go to my house at sto cristo t.c in albay of the philippines in asia so that we can sssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxx together with very naked sex lone you muah

  44. ohhhhhh!! i like it

  45. I do not care about if he is have
    a foreskin or not; William is very
    hot guy and I would like to meet him
    personally;Let me tell you I’m crazy
    about William.

  46. I agree with Madscientik that William is uncircumcised.I am a nurse who assists in physical examination and men who draw their foreskin up look exactly what William did. The foreskin goes up and the inner skin is exposed thus the lighter color of his shaft

  47. cut or uncut.. it’s big and tasty!

  48. Hey so old pics but he is not so naked well ok yeah he is…omg well human body is so hot and he demonstrate that!!!Love u William naked or not!!!

  49. eres tremendo papacito y uno de nuestros mejores horgullos te deceo mucha suerte y exito por q te lo mereses q dios te bendiga tu mas fiel fan

  50. i love william levy he is hot with the capital HOT!!!

  51. these are very old fotos. I’ve had them for last couple of years. but still hot.

  52. is it just me or does he look like he was on drugs and i love this man

  53. Ummm…my cock looks exactly like that, and I’m circumcised! I’m loosely circed, and it looks just like that. Cuba might be what you want, but it does have some of the best medical practicioners in the world, and circumcision would be an option for many, but it is ot practiced universally. In Miami, only the rich Cubans get circed, while the rest poor Cubans are uncut, if it’s not required. And there are many Jews in Cuba like many other parts of Latin America such as Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, etc… This man is totally CUT!

  54. I dont care if he is cut or uncut he is still one hot piece and I would do the front and the back with my hot tongue and lips

  55. Madscientick | May 16, 2009 at 2:04 am | Reply

    Um, people… he’s uncut… if you look closely at the final close up of his penis you can perfectly see the foreskin forced to keep the inside exposed. Just thought I should point it out to end the debacle. I don’t believe Cuba practices circumcision.

  56. Why bother wearing underwear?

  57. papacito precioso, eres mi padre querido, a ti te como….. como te sirvan papacito

  58. Years later and we still gotta have this ridiculous cut/uncut conversation. If you blindfolded your mate they wouldnt know anyway–as long as you’re clean.

  59. fuck he is amazingly hot.

  60. Bob, I believe the post says he’s Cuban but stars in a Mexican soap.

  61. Yankcock69 – God made men with a foreskin for a reason. Jesus was just a man who had no choice in the matter of his circumcision due to some wacko in the bible who had a vision that God told him to mutilate his son (remember, this same nutcase was ready to kill his son due to his delusions). I realize that cut guys have to keep defending this male mutilation since it was inflicted on them so they must justify it. Too bad the USA is not as enlightened as most of the rest of the world who either never started this practice of have stopped it. And, for your information, most men have the brains to keep themselves clean, cut or uncut. If a man is a pig, he’s a pig with or without his foreskin. You are just the type of idiot who perpetuates the idea that men are too dumb to keep themselves clean!

  62. Bob,get a life! Jesus was a Jew,so Im sure he was cut,so how much right can that & it be? I love bein cut,its so clean,hygenic,looks n tastes much better! I hate wrinkly,cheesy,slimy,dirty,smelly cocks. The fact hes cut makes him sooo perfect! Circumcision should be compulsory. Yummy!!!

  63. Wow…he’s really beautiful everywhere. He has Brad Pitt’s lips. 🙂

  64. I love William Levy. Beautiful all around.

  65. What a sin! A hot Mexican and cut. Well maybe he is Jewish and that would explain it. When will this male mutilation stop and all men be left as God made them?

  66. i don’t understand how his cock is malformed, i think he looks amazing like straight from the pages of Sean Cody ^^ I’ll have him if no one else want him. 🙂

  67. Hell, yeah– I would hit it!
    Mal-formed dick–good Christ–what is your idea of a perfect one? And that ass–I would eat that thing to Mars!
    What is wrong with you people–beautiful face, beautiful bod, nice cock, nice ass–I guess those who have criticized must be spending a lot of time alone. Sorry for your luck…

  68. He’s so hot and his cock looks so good!

  69. *pant*
    Damn, I could eat him alive.
    Also, haters – get away.

  70. James Rimmer | May 14, 2009 at 9:36 pm | Reply

    @david- So what… He’s fucking hot dammit! Don’t comment if you have nothing good to say.

  71. the things models will do for money.

  72. BillyBOBblowJOB | May 14, 2009 at 8:49 pm | Reply

    How could you be dissapointed with his package?!
    He looks cut, but i’ve never had the pleasure of having him!

  73. He is cut…wow a Cuban Jew. Thats a Jewban

  74. LOL @ ChrisM !!
    Maybe “Blane” should start his own blog and post mind shattering pictures the world has never seen. EVERRRRR!!

  75. Yeah, That’s a pretty grody looking dick….Its all malformed and unnatural….blech. But the guy is cute

  76. OMG I used to love him in a soap that I watched like 2 summers ago and thought he was such an adonis! I’ve wanted to see his tool for so long lol I love him

  77. OMG – is there any way you could get Blaine’s approval before posting things that he might have already seen? I mean, if it’s old and he’s seen it then certainly none of the rest of us might want to view it – :rollseyes:

  78. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
    Very hot.

  79. God, you fucking internet gays are the worst.

  80. meh…pretty face but dissapointing dick…just saying

  81. Really HOT! but is he cut or uncut i cant tell?

  82. GOOD GOD!
    Not a big fan of the underwear, but dayumm – that is one hot piece of meat! Head to toe gorgeous, nice ass, awesome cock and balls – muy caliente!

  83. What a tease. very sexy.

  84. this is so old… i have seen this millions of times :rollseyes:

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