!! OMG, how horrific: Human Growths !!

I guess our fascination with Freak Shows will never end. THIS LIST of the 16 most horrific human growths of all time, like the gigantic hand above, had me gasping in shock but wanting more! See more after the jump, like people with horns, the baby with 16 toes, and the boy with a foot growing in his BRAIN!


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9 Comments on "OMG, how horrific: Human Growths"

  1. I used to love OMG… Was my all time fav actually. These days the posts are getting more and more stupid, and like George said, yo are getting very insensitive and disrespectful. A shame to witness such a former great blog go down…

  2. All those little toes are pretty cute.

  3. James, from the pictures some of the people with horns are old and from possibly third world where treatment is not availble during their time or is expensive. And the boy with the foot in the brain may be contemplating risking surgey that can only be done at a later stage or need money. Just because you are lucky to be born average does not mean you can be mean.

  4. I love these kind of finds. the kind that you know you shouldn’t look at and you should have compassion for, but you just gotta say DAMN!!
    If I had the baby with the sixteen toes, I would try to donate the extras for a burn patient or something.
    And the horns? People go out of their way for body mods like that.

  5. I think this post is disgraceful in the fact that these people were referred to as “freak shows” and other people’s over the top reactions are horrible as well. What did you expect to see when you read what this post was about? These are medical maladies, like any other, and the reason some of these people ‘don’t seek treatment’ is because they live in 3rd world countries that don’t have advanced medicine like so many jaded people do here in the States and other countries.

  6. Tends to grow on you after a while.

  7. F*cking gross, i just spewed in my mouth!!! OMG how come so many of these people dont seek treatment way earlier… OMG ALRIGHT!!!

  8. Just imagine how much they’re suffering, have some respect. Calling them freak shows is extremely rude.

  9. Graydon, you are very insensitive and disrespectful. You need to take it easy with your posts. I don’t think you would want to be called a freakshow for something you were born with or are suffering from.

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