!! OMG, he’s on to Grindr: Nick Cave !!

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Last week I went to the Indigo bookstore in Toronto to see rock star Nick Cave, he of The Bad Seeds and Grinderman, and get him to sign my copy of his new novel, The Death of Bunny Munro. But I also had another motive: I wanted let him know about a gay tribute night called HARD ON FOR LOVE that I threw in his honor two months ago (at which OMG Frank made his drag debut as Kylie Manogue).
The poster for the event was amazingly gay. Nick Cave isn’t so fey and so we really had to gay him up on the poster to attract the requisite amount of homos. Of course I made sure to tell him that when I gave him a copy. As you can see from the above photo, he was thoroughly touched. He then said, “We’ve always had a hard time courting a gay audience” and proceeded to tell me about a ‘cottaging’ app for the iPhone called Grindr (some of you may know it). Perhaps when Grinderman’s new album comes out next year, he can cross-promote the tour using Grindr, that way his gay fans won’t feel so lonesome anymore.
Check out the HARD ON FOR LOVE poster after the jump.
(Photo via For The Records)


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4 Comments on "OMG, he’s on to Grindr: Nick Cave"

  1. Funny idea 🙂
    and Nick’s reaction was really sweet.
    Frank looked great as Kylie…

  2. oh kevy! so good.

  3. I’m also a ‘mo and a HUGE Nick Cave fan! I’ve seen plenty of our tribe at shows! Oh those pelvic thrusts!

  4. I am gay and a huge Nick Cave fan! Excellent poster!! Hilarious, I can only imagine what Nick thought of it?

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