!! OMG, It’s Scientific: Facebook Gay-Detector !!

Attention all boys bois in the closet! It’s time to panic, because leaving your sexual orientation off of your Facebook profile will no longer keep your nosy grandma and coworkers from figuring out that you are a big total homosexual. A crack team of brilliant scientists at MIT has developed an honest-to-god gay test, and not only does it have nothing to do with how you choose to examine the bottom of your shoe or which way your hair whorls, but it actually works.
According to the Boston Globe, an amazing and useful computer program– known at the moment as PROJECT GAYDAR– was able to correctly determine the gaiety of all 9 known homos in a pool of a thousand, based only on analyzing their lists of friends on Facebook. Personally I’m sure I would have been able to figure it out just from the angle they were cocking their head in their photos and the way they arched their eyebrows when they smiled, but I’m just good like that.
Now if only someone would come up with a program to determine which MySpace users are hookers. Oh wait, they all are!
(Via Gawker)

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3 Comments on "OMG, It’s Scientific: Facebook Gay-Detector"

  1. One can only hope this new “test” will be used for good, not evil. I have my doubts.

  2. I don’t think I’m that hard to spot. So……:)

  3. well ok, big brother.

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