!! OMG, He’s Shirtless: ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’s’ Yigit Pury !!

Did you think the gayest show on all of television was Logo’s The A-List? Rupaul’s Drag U?! Guess again, boys, because the number one gayest show on the planet is Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Desserts, in which a bunch of absolute screaming queens and a few bitchy women compete at who can make the most fabulous petit fours, “à la minutes,” and other tiny trifles with French names. Trust me, this show makes The A-List look as butch as Monday Night Football. (Which I’ve recently discovered is pretty gay too, but that’s a post for another day.)
The thing is that for the most part I’ve actually been avoiding Just Desserts because as much as I love pastry, all the petty, gay bitchery is just a little too much for me to stomach. These are the sort of gays who are constantly spouting ancient and shopworn bon mots with those impy little self-satisfied smirks because they think that repeating something Mae West said in 1915 somehow makes them paragons of gay wit?
So I’ve barely watched the show for this reason but last night was possessed to tune in for the first time in weeks. I don’t know– after my third viewing of Phaedra’s insane baby shower on Real Housewives of Atlanta, my brain was sufficiently anesthetized that I could happily swallow any stupid crap Bravo had to offer me. And halfway through, um, I guess the first minute, I suddenly realized that one of the contestants is what I consider the absolute pinnacle of male physical perfection?
I’m not sure how I’d managed to overlook Turkish-born cookie-chef Yigit Pura’s disturbing beauty on my previous (admittedly cursory) viewings of the show but I mean, be still my heart. This boy is pretty. It’s entirely possible that he has half a brain or less but, well, who the f*ck cares? A brain is not necessary to walk around in the nude feeding me trays of homemade eclairs all day.
This thought of course led me to do a little investigation into whether Yigit (pronounced YEET but with a little hiccup in the middle) had ever appeared naked. The answer seems to be a sad no, but lucky for us, he has kindly made several provocative pictures of himself available on his Facebook page. They’re after the jump. Try not to spit out your petit fours!


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2 Comments on "OMG, He’s Shirtless: ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’s’ Yigit Pury"

  1. I never ever ever ever ever never ever agree with Shannon, but I do on this one. Not cute

  2. here we go again folks! WHAT is possibly “goodlooking” about his queen?

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