!! OMG, He’s talking to you: BASIC BITCHESESES !!

Oh my my my.
Watch out basic bitches [Lindsay] Lohanthony is calling you. He has a secret message for you, it’s time for an announcement.
Listen UP!
Also click below to see Lohanthony’s video on which celebrities he loves and hates

I love his power puff legs tutorial and I super adore his final look at 5.30 a sort of high-waisted big belted mom-jeans skin-tight Sade-esque 3/4 sleeve cherry-crush top look ?!

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3 Comments on "OMG, He’s talking to you: BASIC BITCHESESES"

  1. quite annoying, no? The school picture maybe the best she’s ever looked.

  2. Has this kid even hit puberty yet?

  3. I can’t stand this kid for 2 reasons. 1. he reminds me of every basic bitch in weho. 2. he makes me feel so old.

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