!! OMG, his butt: David Lyons in ‘Eat Pray Love’ !!

Eat Pray Love[(159437)17-04-07].JPG
You may know actor David Lyons from films like Safe Haven, Revolution Revolution, or Sea Patrol. Here, David bares his backside in your older sister’s favourite film, Eat Pray Love, after the NSFW jump!

Eat Pray Love[(159479)17-05-53].JPG
Eat Pray Love[(159936)17-07-54].JPG
Eat Pray Love[(159944)17-08-15].JPG
Eat Pray Love[(159966)17-09-07].JPG
Eat Pray Love[(159989)17-10-01].JPG
Eat Pray Love[(160004)17-10-34].JPG
Eat Pray Love[(160055)17-12-41].JPG
Eat Pray Love[(160474)17-19-15].JPG

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  1. Merry Buttcakes!

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