!! OMG, Rest In Pixels: LIBERACE first celeb to be dug up and projected in series of new hologram tours !!

News today that Liberace is set to set the world on fire again, and tour the world as a hologram! The hologrammed version of the late pianist will be brought back to life by the same folks who had ZERO shame in making Coachella‘s holographic Tupac Shakur happen, and will orchestrate a debut performance scheduled to take place in Las Vegas!

“This is a major step in the evolution of this medium for entertainment,” Hologram USA’s Alki David said in a press release. The show will be so “lifelike”, he predicted, that “the room will be filled with all of the great singer’s charm and charisma”.
The cyber Liberace will also be able to interact with audience members. “You’ll feel the warmth from his heart, the sparkle of his eye and the pure lightning from his fingertips,” explained Jonathan Warren, chairman of the Liberace Foundation.
The Liberace Foundation is a full partner in Hologram USA’s plans, loaning the company the footage and artefacts that will allow them to create their hologram. David had proposed a similar project for the late Amy Winehouse; the scheme was rejected by her father, who called the notion “utter rubbish”.

WHAT!? Utter rubbish!?? An Amy Winehouse hologram would be a total party! You might not be able to decipher what it’s singing, but that’s half the fun of it.
Apparently, concert dates for Holo-race’s Las Vegas premiere will be announced soon and Hologram USA will also be announcing a “slate of [further] celebrity resurrection projects” during the next 30 days. OMG, PLEASE BRING BACK IAN CURTIS! ! !
[via the guardian]

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