!! OMG, his butt: Mark Duplass !!

I’m not calling him ugly by any means, but actor Mark Duplass isn’t exactly the most attractive man alive. Can we agree on that? He’s just kinda there, just kinda hanging out, just ok. But no so with his other set of cheeks. They are quite nice, actually. See Dupl(ass) in NSFW stills from The League season three after the jump.

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4 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Mark Duplass"

  1. He’s totally attractive. Thank you for showing me his butt.

  2. OK what planet are you on? He’s freaking adorable! Those cheeks, that smile, that gorgeous head of hair! He is so GD cute! You’re blind, you don’t know what a naturally cute guy is! He rocks my world!

  3. No, we cannot all agree! I’ve had a huge crush on him since the Puffy Chair. I love him as a director and love him in front of the camera. He’s got that real “dude” thing going on where he looks like a disheveled bachelor, but to say he’snot attractive is nuts!

  4. Duplass has a better, extended nude scene in the film “True Adolescents” where he’s completely naked, cupping his groin before going skinny dipping.

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