!! OMG, his drag debut: Graydon! !!

Last night at Toronto’s legendary party Hot Nuts (Dipping Sauce edition), our very own Graydon “popped his drag cherry” with a riveting performance of “He’s Large” from the movie Popeye. Graydon played Olive Oyl and Bluto made an appearance in the form of a six-foot tall dancing penis (made of fabric).
Watch the performance after the jump and shower Graydon with your accolades!

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7 Comments on "OMG, his drag debut: Graydon!"

  1. Hawt. I wonder if this is what Trannyshack was like when it was happening in San Francisco?

  2. Self serving drivel. Work on the ….well, everything actually. The large penis has more talent in his foreskin then Graydon Oyl.

  3. he looks fabulous; lots of extra points for creativity. Now if only that bunch of rude-ass bitches in the bar would shut the eff up when a sister is working on stage.

  4. I’d do him. He’s Hot!!

  5. In the words of Miss Jay from ANTM. Your broken-down doll pose is FIERCE. You work it, gurl! 😉

  6. Ha ha nice job!

  7. miss the old graydon without the gross mountain man beard
    beards are gross

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