!! OMG, it’s illegal: Brazilian Waxing !!

The State of New Jersey has decided to outlaw Brazilian waxes after a couple of women were injured by overzealous cosmeticians.
Well, I guess it’s back to Nair and a mirror on the floor for me!
Read more HERE.
UPDATE: The case has been dropped, so feel free to keep ripping out those hairs.
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9 Comments on "OMG, it’s illegal: Brazilian Waxing"

  1. yeah i agree with NativeNYker, this issue is just as pathetic as the politicians giving false hopes to its citizens! really now. since when did they care about the stupid brazilian bikini wax that got some few stupid bitches hurt and burns from inexperienced aesthecians?

  2. You would think that NJ would have better things to put effort into than this… So pathetic.
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  3. I think Graydon should post before and after pics.

  4. LOL, That is too funny!!! SOMEONE should go out there & protest in public. It’s so idiotic. It’s equivalent to banning people getting their hair colored or bleached because SOMEONE got hurt.

  5. omg, you’re so out of date. The potential for a ban was off by the 21st, two days later:

  6. ZOMG!!! Glad to live in NM and not NJ.
    My guess is that the two people who got them had probably not done their research. You only get an infection if you do not take care of your skin before and after the treatment.

  7. I beleive Seth Meyer’s on SNL commented that New Jersey would have to adjust it’s nickname to “The Overgrown Garden State.”

  8. uhmmmm

  9. Stupid cunts. It was their decision to get vainly waxed. They should have done their homework on the pros/cons/side effects of waxing before they did it.
    Also, instead of making it illegal, why didn’t the state just shut down the spas that were obviously practicing the treatment the wrong way! Spa treatments should be done with care and the highest quality with the well being of the client and results of the treatment being the most important.

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