!! OMG his outline: Young Superman !!

Tom Welling, who plays Superman on the series Smallville, inadvertently revealed his endowment while running down an alley in a scene for the show. Thank goodness for Tivo, otherwise we would never be able to freeze-frame this crap.
Have a look at the screen caps after the jump.
Thanks to Ricola for the images.


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18 Comments on "OMG his outline: Young Superman"

  1. flip-flop of a ding-a-ling

  2. regardless if thats what he’s got bless, he is beautiful anyway and with his body has got to be the real thing, just love him

  3. Much like seeing Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich, people see what they long to see.

  4. he seems to be really hung – can´t wait to see him in a thight superman-costume!

  5. For a slo-mo version of the video, check out http://youtube.com/watch?v=FK7Cy4_ZLAA — it is shown three times at different speeds.

  6. It looks too high up.

  7. That’s looks like an good size package.

  8. Can someone tell me the link to youtube to watch the clips of this pictures? i want to see his big dick bouncing hmmm i want to see hin NAKED!!!!

  9. I think it’s a “pant bubble”. I’m sure he’s not big at all.

  10. That looks so fake! His penis is perfectly outlined in a pair of jeans, while other features are somewhat blurry.

  11. Oh la la! I want more tom welling pictures! 🙂

  12. That is some good stuff but I still want to see him naked.

  13. I can think of a few places I can hide his super-man package.
    Yum !!!!!!

  14. indeed i saw this video and it was really bouncing you can find the video in you tube, this clips are awesome, cant imagine how it bounce and how huge is it to make a bulge on hard jeans…i wish i was a jeans

  15. DROOLS. Looks like he’d be fun 😉

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