!! OMG, hitched! Barbie and Ken (and Ken’s two gay friends) !!

Kate and Will. Kim and Kris. And now, continuing the tradition of epic 2011 weddings, Barbie and Ken. After the jump, see the shots of Ken getting ready for the ceremony with his two twinkie blond groomsmen (who might also be twins?). *The pictures could also be the opening to a gay porn, but what do I know about that…


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6 Comments on "OMG, hitched! Barbie and Ken (and Ken’s two gay friends)"

  1. So soon you forget that we’ve already seen Ken with a boner right here: Anatomically Correct Ken

  2. looks more like Ken has been attacked by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!

  3. @pulpy
    Ken has been released as a blond and a brunette for decades.

  4. Ken, PLEASE push those coat sleeves down.

  5. I thought Ken was suppose to be blonde…

  6. if you read the pictures from bottom to top, it definitely looks like theyre gonna have a threesome. that’s some bachelor party.

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