!! OMG, discovered: A planet made of diamond !!

We may not have discovered intelligent life out there in the big-wide-darkeness, but astronomers have found what they believe is a planet made out of diamond. The planet is approximately 4,000 light years away (um, that’s far) and is almost entirely carbon…so, basically, diamond rings for everyone!
(via Jezebel)

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3 Comments on "OMG, discovered: A planet made of diamond"

  1. Don’t worry, Rainbow Brite won’t let anyone take Spectra.
    (I couldn’t resist, it’s even on Netflix.)

  2. will they name it Lorelei?

  3. Too late. De Beers [the diamond people] have already claimed this planet and any other diamond planets located in this universe and other universes yet to be discovered as THEIRS!

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