!! OMG, how bad in a debate: Monica Conyers !!

Monica Conyers, who is President Pro-tem of the Detroit City Council and also wife of Congressman John Conyers, needs to sharpen her debating skills, though her name-calling skills are first rate.
After calling the President of the City Council “Shrek” in a heated moment of argument, Ms. Conyers was later taken to task by a panel of eighth graders, one of whom verbally pinned her to the mat in under two minutes (make sure you watch to the end). (via Wonkette)

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7 Comments on "OMG, how bad in a debate: Monica Conyers"

  1. God deliver us from stupid people in high places.

  2. haha that woman should beso embarrased. notice all the ids laughing at her? hahaha

  3. ooooooooooooooooo grrrrrrlllll kiera shut that city council woman down.

  4. That child Kierra Bell should take Conyers seat, she’s smarter, more articulate and could probably do a better job.
    Excellent work Kierra.

  5. I love Detroit. I wish those kids would cross the bridge and sit down with certain members of Toronto City Council.

  6. I love that little girl at the end. She is my total hero. Kierra 4eva!

  7. Typical liberal wench.

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