!! OMG, How Cheesy: Jared Leto’s pre-Angela model shoot !!

UPDATE: Jared Leto has asked (via a lawyer) that we remove these embarrassing photos from the site. We had to comply, but they really are gold and we recommend that you seek them out wherever you can find them.
If you thought it was impossible that Jordan Catalano, sometimes considered (by me) to be the most beautiful man ever to walk Our Planet Earth, could ever look bad, well you obviously weren’t paying attention to when he got fat to play John Lennon’s assassin. Or when he got cornrows. Or even to this year’s VMA’s when he looked more like Ellen Degeneres than Ellen herself did. I mean, he’s looked plenty bad plenty of times since his dreamy and teen-loin-stirring turn as Angela Chase’s object d’amour. But who knew that he sometimes looked terrible before he met Angela, too?
Well now you know, thanks to this amazing/horrifying pre-My So-Called Life hair model shots. (And let’s face it– these pictures really just go to show that even with atrocious styling, amateurish photography and a few zits on his chest, Jared Leto is still the most beautiful man on the planet.)

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3 Comments on "OMG, How Cheesy: Jared Leto’s pre-Angela model shoot"

  1. i still doodle scott+jordan 4eva in my notebook when i’m bored. he was my high school boyfriend. he didn’t care that i was really fat then.

  2. These shots are so GAY. Are you sure he’s not gay? He sure looks like it. Sometimes those that are the worst womanizers are gay.

  3. Where r the pics of Sam Jones III?!!??!
    He’s great!!!

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