!! OMG, How Convenient: Erotic Celly Caddy !!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m always gazing around my apartment wondering which everyday items could be more erotic. I already have a penis-shaped toothbrush, a hairy nutsack keyring for my car keys, and a vibrating breakfast nook to stimulate me while I eat my Fiber One (nature’s scrub brush, FYI!). But one thing that’s been missing is a sexy cell-phone holder!
Well I guess the search has ended: who could ever misplace his celly when it’s being seductively cradled between the firm buttocks and rippling shoulderblades of this muscular Tom of Findland-esque stud? Also, we’re both wearing the same hat! What an unusual coincidence!
This amazing object d’art is available now on eBay and was brought to our attention by the nice people at URLESQUE. I almost hesitate to post it for fear of inciting a bidding war, but I figure it’s my duty. Anyway, you should buy it for me.
(If you’re desperate to see this inanimate object’s sexy crack or even look into his soulful eyes, both are after the jump.)

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2 Comments on "OMG, How Convenient: Erotic Celly Caddy"

  1. we humans generate SO MUCH CRAP that ends up in landfills, now there is something else to polute the planet, a completely embare-ass-ing cell phone holder..why!?!

  2. Remove the boot chains, add a Santa hat, and you’ve got yourself a Christmas Celly Caddy instead! Just in time for the holidays!

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