!! OMG, what honesty: Whitney Houston !!

For the premiere of Her Royal O-Ness‘s 24th season, Whitney Houston chose to use the show to speak about her drug use and crazy relationship with Bobby Brown. Of course, we already know all about that stuff because they made a whole f*cking reality show about it! Which we watched! Still, I guess it’s good to see Whitney back at the top of her game and opening up about her nightmare relationship with Bobby Brown, which sounds distressingly similar to my life, but with more crack:

Oprah: Tell me, how bad did it get, with the drugs?

Whitney: When you don’t speak, and you’re living in the same home, and you’re sitting right next to that person and you’re not saying a word for a week? And you’re sitting there, and you’re just watching TV? And you go, “Ha ha?” [DEADPAN, BLANK STARE, PAUSE.] It’s bad.


Whitney: It’s bad.


Uh… are we sure that Whitney’s the one with the drug problem? Between wacky exchanges like this one and Oprah’s completely f*cking crazy show about Mauritania, I’m starting to think it might be time for Gayle and Steadman to call Candy Finnigan in.
Anyway, judge for yourself. The lovely ladies at Jezebel have the full smorgasbord of clips from the Whitney interview.

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