!! OMG, How Courageous: Tyra Banks Goes Weaveless !!

In just a few short years on television, Tyra Banks has proven herself to be a woman who is not afraid to take a stand for justice! On both America’s Next Top Model and her eponymous talk show, Ms. Banks (don’t call her Piggy!) has chosen to bravely speak out on the topics of apologies with attitude, Tiffany, touching the toilet seat with your panties, young bitches and, perhaps most movingly, nasty remarks.
And with the premier of the fifth season of The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra is taking her social activism to truly unprecedented levels: in a show of solidarity with people who don’t wear wigs (or maybe a show of solidarity with people who DO wear wigs; it’s so revolutionary that I can’t even decide!!?) she is appearing publicly for the first time with no hairpiece to speak of! This includes scarves I guess cause maybe you remember there was that one season of ANTM where she wore a scarf on her head in every episode like she was Brett Michaels.
Of course, Tyra makes her momentous natural hair reveal having just gotten out of the shower, with her hair soaking wet and slicked back… which completely doesn’t count because it’s basically the same as wearing extensions. But even with wet, slicked-back hair, Tyra actually seems to be freaking out a little bit. Her voice is wavering and she looks genuinely nervous. Poor Tyra! I actually think she looks much better than usual. For the past few years a lot of her pieces have looked like they were purchased at Kathy Griffin’s yard sale.
Tyra, thank you for your self-sacrificing dedication and commitment to achieving hairpiece understanding! We here at OMG Blog salute you.

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4 Comments on "OMG, How Courageous: Tyra Banks Goes Weaveless"

  1. Oprah and Tyra are two different people. Who says Tyra wants to be Oprah and rather not a person who wants to leave an impression on this world to prove life is not just about making oneself happy. Tyra is a good inspiration for all girls of “ethnic” origins.
    Chelsea Lately is a loud mouth that shuold learn to be mindful of what damage her words can cause on a country that is booming with ignorance. This is coming from a fan of Chelsea! lol

  2. Her hair was so wet, it’s still dripping down her back, ew. At least towel dry that shit or let someone lick it off you, wait, I didn’t say that.
    She probably would make a freaky, but crazy-bitchass girlfriend. Just sayin’

  3. Best OMG post ever.

  4. Tyra is so f.ing irritated.. She truly is an oprah wanna be who will NEVER be like the legend. I agree fully with Chelsea lately ^^

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