!! OMG, Stop! Aahhh! !!

This is how I feel today. 🙁
(Thank you to Sean for the tip.)

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7 Comments on "OMG, Stop! Aahhh!"

  1. look, i admit, this one was a little weak. okay?! (actually i did think the video was funny, but w/e.)
    as stevie nicks says: sometimes it’s roses and sometimes it’s weeds. deal with it!
    (i have something coming up today that i think will blow people’s minds though.)

  2. OMGBlog was going downhill long before Bmad ever showed up. If anything, his posts are on the same level as Graydon’s. I really don’t get attacking him, to be quite honest. You know a large part of these posts are hat tips. Maybe if some people sent in a few more videos that were actually worth watching, you all would be in a better mood. Get on it.
    I miss the days of “Clitter” and ridiculous humor like that.
    P.S. Bmad, some people have to rain on everyone’s parade. Dragging other people down is the only way for them to feel a mediocre amount of success…

  3. Seriously, it looks like some of “the old guy”‘s queeny, catty attitude rubbed off on a few bitter little bitches.
    I, for one, was about to stop reading this blog due to its former contributor. Now at least we don’t have to deal with demeaning, immature, and cunty comments from the person posting.
    So, let’s all drop the friggin’ attitude, and give the new guy a chance. It’s not like he’s posting anything new to the genre of this blog.

  4. I think everyone else should quit THEIR whining. There’s always been totally random posts sprinkled on here. The other comments are way too harsh; Bmad’s trying his hardest to keep up this site. Bmad, you’re doing just fine!
    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but please be respectful.

  5. Oh, and with all “due” respect: Who gives a rat’s ass how you feel? Don’t you have real friends?

  6. This site is getting real old real fast these days. wtf is this vid doing here? What happened to all the cool stuff that was posted here, a loooooong long time ago now? Damn!

  7. Gerard Gonzales | September 8, 2009 at 3:49 pm | Reply

    Quit your whining Bmad …. you’re outta ur league here anyway. i miss the old guy

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