!! OMG, How Fancy: Cindy the Poodle !!

Sandra “Sandy” Hartness of Yucca Valley, CA is a lady with a mission: to make her poodle Cindy look as creative and exotic as doggily possible. The professional dog groomer and owner of the Sandy Paws Grooming Shop is handier than Banksy with a can of spray-paint and would give Edward Scissorhands a run for his money with a pair of hedgeclippers. As for Cindy, this poodle is nothing if not a true pro, with a cool, competitive streak that has given her the edge in many a dog grooming competition. Says owner Sandy:

“You’re under quite a lot of pressure but Cindy is so calm and collected when she’s on the table – she’s all business during the competition.”

That’s harder than it seems when you’re a poodle disguised as a giant chicken!
True: some might argue that if God meant for poodles to look like chickens and Ninja Turtles he would have given them feathers and kitana blades. While I recognize the validity of that argument, I think most modern religious scholars would remind us that God gave poodles all that fur so that it can be shaved and dyed into ridiculous topiary fashions!
Other naysayers might posit that it hurts a dog’s feelings to turn her into a beautiful creature of whimsical fantasy. Ms. Hartness offers a sensible rebuke to those critics on her website:

For those who are overly concerned about the dogs emotions. Cindy loves the attention. She will prance around and expects your attention. This is a Creative Grooming Contest and Cindy will look like this for only a few hours. After the contest Cindy will be shaved.

I doubt even the most militant animal rights killjoy can argue with a prancing poodle desperate for love. So go ahead: enjoy Cindy’s outrageous (and award-winning) look book after the jump. Give her the attention she craves and deserves!

A proud day to be an American.
Oh, this old thing?
Pardon her beauty. (Miss u Graydon!)
Close observers will notice that April has exchanged her yellow jumpsuit for abstract floral:
After the party it’s the after party. After the party it’s the hotel lobby.
And of course: Midnight at the oasis…

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4 Comments on "OMG, How Fancy: Cindy the Poodle"

  1. Lloyd lunsford | September 9, 2009 at 9:38 pm | Reply

    The dog is fine. The women is possibly eccentric but not crazy. I’m sure she loves her dog and her dog loves her.

  2. fuck fuck fuck. sorry for the dupe, guys. i was so excited by this enchanting creature that i forgot to double check.

  3. “I doubt even the most militant animal rights killjoy can argue with a prancing poodle desperate for love.”
    You might not have been here last time Cindy was posted.> https://omg.blog/2009/01/omg_its_fantasy_art_poodle_gro.php

  4. Oh dear lord, what is wrong with thses people? Whay cant they leave the dogs like they are, and NO the damn dog is noooot happy, how would they feel if someone made them look like a fucking clown, not that these bitches dont do already. Fuck this makes me soo mad perhaps even a little Bmad 😛 …. Leave the styling to the guys ladies!!

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